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    Im in field related affiliate marketing

    This is a very good advice. Many people think that if they don't follow the first plan they created they will fail, and that's not the case at all, the first plan, strategy or whatever you wanna call it, is just a draft.
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    Hello To Everyone!

    Hi! Would you like to share an experience or to begin a thread with a topic that you are interested in?
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    From Depression And Suicide TO GLORY.

    That's okay, and it's great the meditation if you're in a dark place or if you just wanna keep positive. And GYM can wait a month, don't worry, it's important but it's not urgent. :)
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    Is it a good idea?

    That sounds awesome, and also original. If you make it happen I'd say it would be a total success, because nowadays the people are just so focused on money that they would literally pay to get it. At least I have pretty good expectations about your idea.
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    Favourite video game of all time

    I don't know, I like the Assassin's Creed Saga, the stories and the way they connect some real events with fiction is pretty cool, it has some bugs in every game though.
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    Do you play an instrument?

    Nah, I mean, I've recorded myself, but it's far from a professional production.
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    Do you play an instrument?

    Which are your favorite songs to play in the drums?
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    Am I allowed ? - Non UK ??

    Finally, a nice group with no silly discussions. I like it.
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    New to affiliate world

    Would you say that being an affiliate is better than the actuary job you're at? I'm asking because I'm studying Actuarial Sciences, and I feel that, though it's a great job financially speaking, I could get paid the same with less effort.
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    I've been having problems with stress too, mostly by university. Something that has helped me out is reminding the person who I'm making the effort for. It's a way to say "If you don't do it for you, then do it for him/her".