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  1. vkwapka

    Maxbounty accout terminated

    Many offer don't allow youtube traffic.
  2. vkwapka

    Clickbank and Bing ads direct linking success

    tinnitus 911 do not allow brand bidding.
  3. vkwapka

    Ask Me Anything We've Spent Over $117,195.853 On Propeller Ads!

    What types of ad you used? Push? PPV? Native? What type of offers you promoted?
  4. vkwapka

    How can i create account on ClickBank as a vendor?

    Hello. I can help. PM me.
  5. vkwapka

    Ask Me Anything Instagram & CPA Marketing Case Study

    Which bot your using to follow? Using proxy? How many follow per day?
  6. vkwapka

    Website not secure

    do u have SSL certificate?
  7. vkwapka

    Ask Me Anything [GUIDE - $100k In Profit] Make Money With Adsense Using Pinterest

    Showing ads w/o content is not allowed in Adsense. Your a/c will be banned soon. You can try Native and CPA.
  8. vkwapka

    I am a new learner

    welcome to affiliate fix. :)
  9. vkwapka