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  1. Emily

    Skin Whitening Brand Launches on MoreNiche

    The Zeta White affiliate program has officially launched on MoreNiche, offering affiliates 40% commission on all sales of their natural skin lightening range. Zeta White is a skin lightening system made up of 3 products; face lightening wash, lightening moisturiser and a lightening night cream...
  2. Emily

    Official MoreNiche

    Emily submitted a new resource: MoreNiche - Health & Fitness Content Affiliate Network Read more about this resource...
  3. Emily

    [Guide] The Ultimate Affiliate Guide To Content Marketing

    It’s no secret that content plays an important role within marketing. Whether you create lengthy articles and ebooks or spends hours tweaking headlines and short snippets of text. Every word you write contributes to a user clicking, converting, downloading and so on, which is why it is important...
  4. Emily

    What qualities make a great affiliate marketer?

    Affiliate marketing can be tough, some people can be extremely successful, while others find it hard to even get started. Although there's a lot of contributing factors to ones success, what 3 qualities would you say make up a great affiliate marketer? I'll start off by saying; - focused -...
  5. Emily

    Official MoreNiche Free Training Course

    Emily submitted a new resource: MoreNiche Free Training Course - MoreNiche is an affiliate network specialising in health, fitness and more. Read more about this resource...
  6. Emily


    Hi all, I've just signed up to affiliatefix today so wanted to post a quick hello and introduce myself. I'm Emily, an affiliate manager on the moreniche network. I work predominately with the health and fitness niche amongst various other areas. I've worked in digital marketing for the past 3...