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  1. JakeMA

    Official Society Invite [Deleted]

    This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
  2. JakeMA

    Official MonsterAds

    Tired of running the same saturated offers? Hit me up to find out more about MonsterAds new exclusive and top converting offers. If you have nutra, cbd, psychic, dating, insurance, payday and biz opps traffic we should be working together :) MonsterAds pays net5 weekly also ;)
  3. JakeMA

    Announcement MonsterAds Main Sponsors Again!!

    Hey Fixers, We're excited to announce that MonsterAds are main sponsors Again for the Affiliate Ball 17 at ASE New York. We've been main sponsors for 6 years now and it's always our thanks and appreciation to give back to everyone we do business with. Getting our sponsorship in early helps lock...
  4. JakeMA

    Review Monsterads!!! Only accept If you Have Earning above 2000$/month

    Hello Ronak, we have numerous requirements we look at when reviewing applications. Some we also don't disclose. What is your email you signed up with? I'll be happy to take a look and revisit your application.
  5. JakeMA

    Hello Pranto

    Hello Pranto
  6. JakeMA

    Have you married?)))

    I've been engaged for 1 year now. Been with her for 6 years. Looking to get married next year :)
  7. JakeMA

    Have you married?)))

    depends where you live
  8. JakeMA

    Which Advertising Network is best for Adult Offers ?

    Juicy ads, traffic junkie, adbucks, reporo and traffic factory are my top 5
  9. JakeMA

    Event Affiliate Summit West 2017 & Affiliate Ball (Snoop Dogg)

    The hottest giveaway from ASE is coming to ASW!
  10. JakeMA

    Event Affiliate Summit West 2017 & Affiliate Ball (Snoop Dogg)

    Six days to go until Affiliate Summit West 2017! The MonsterAds team will be there, we hope to see you also. I wanted to send another reminder that we have a table at the meet market #J2 on the 15th so please stop by and chat. If not, it would be great to spend some time to meet on the 16th...
  11. JakeMA

    Official MonsterAds

    Happy New Year. I hope you've fully recovered from the holidays. As you're probably aware the new years resolutions are coming and what better way to crush 2017 with our nutra trials and straight sale offers. Also we'll be attending Affiliate Summit West and with 13 days to go it would be great...
  12. JakeMA

    Facebook not allowing tracking link

    Adsbridge probably have their domains blocked on facebook. See if they have any private domains available
  13. JakeMA

    Official MonsterAds

    Look no further for the Strongest weekend performing offers in Native, FB, Email and Display! We have the targeting information and assets ready for you to have a solid weekend working with us here at MonsterAds. Hit me up and let’s get you making $$ to close out October strong.
  14. JakeMA

    PPC programs or networks that accept Email traffic?

    we have tons of offers that work well with email traffic. No pay per click offers though
  15. JakeMA

    Are You Using "Native Ads"?

    2 years on from the start of this thread Tj :) Native ads has become one of the top sources our affiliates use within our network. We have lots of great nutra and health offers rocking on taboola and rev content
  16. JakeMA

    What CPA Networks allow Facebook traffic?

    I see someone has bumped an old thread again lol.. If people are still looking for networks that allow social media traffic though. Check us out.
  17. JakeMA

    What offers to promote on linkedin.

    We have a biz opp ppl crushing it in US CA UK. Its a seminar on how to publish a book and would work well with Linkedin. Some intel on the offer: *1.2 million attendees/year * 100 events/year * 250k in the Online Community * 1000 Titles published * Delivered in 16 Countries...
  18. JakeMA

    Affiliates Wanted Who's looking for Facebook Whitehat offers?

    Hey Fixers, I have some exciting news.... At MonsterAds we've added some great 'Exclusive Whitehat Facebook' offers (Facebook Compliant). One for Biz Opps and the other for eCommerce. The Biz opps converts on a ppl and the eCommerce a free trial. Unfortunately due to the offers being private...
  19. JakeMA


    we've seen best results with taboola and Rev content for our US diet ss, exclusive India skin/diet and exclusive US skin trials