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  1. DMouse

    Announcement What Affiliate Marketing Tools Do You Use The Most?

    lifetime free access Keywords research tools most used tools Keyword research tool Tracker
  2. DMouse

    You don't see that everyday - 100% CR

    very nice, hope it pays like a boss too :p
  3. DMouse

    Mobidea - Not converting

    Are you just throwing traffic at the link expecting it to bring you home the bacon? If it was that easy we'd all be rich and driving flash cars.....!!!
  4. DMouse

    Use of robots.txt file?

    Look up meta tags, can't look up properly ATM as on phone on poor connection!!
  5. DMouse

    Use of robots.txt file?

    No it's not, it's use to tell bots what they can/can't crawl. Read some of the replies above!
  6. DMouse

    Charles Ngo's Guide to Pop Traffic

    Start Here -
  7. DMouse

    Hey peps

    Thanks for the warm welcome :D @T J Tutor What areas of marketing are you in to? At the moment i'm trying to get going with pops and some mobile offers @Albertomax1 What has been your experience? Got my first cheque, which I still got in a frame mainly because it would have cost more to cash...
  8. DMouse

    MaxBounty 4.5K$ / month with Surveys

    intriguing..... o_O
  9. DMouse

    Hello Im just starting out =)

    Try Mobidea those guys (and gals) are really helpful and newbie friendly @Mobidea
  10. DMouse

    Best Affiliate Networks For Dating offers

    Peerfly pay via payoneer and have quite a few dating offers
  11. DMouse

    What is the difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO?

    Black Hat SEO is someone who breaks rules/TOS for a quick return, generally not that interested in long term (but not always the case). Often find a loop hole exploit it until its fixed type thing, banking as much as possible while doing it. These days the lines of what is black hat have...
  12. DMouse

    Thought it was time to say hello...

    Welcome @lsgbiz your post helped this morning, feeling bit deflated and thinking whats the point but reading that reminded me what i'm trying to achieve, right lets chatting more work!!! :p:p Oh and some good pointers on that post @Albertomax1 :cool:
  13. DMouse

    Newbie to CPA Marketing

    we all dream!! good luck and welcome
  14. DMouse

    New Affiliate Marketer

    Good luck Jimster :D
  15. DMouse

    Help me setup Adsbridge tracking link (will give $10)

    I sent you a PM but if you are only using AdsBridge to track you can set a global postback and it will work for any offer. Go to your profile in MB, click Edit Profile top right then scroll down to Promotion Methods and set Default Callback Type to Server-Server URL (any campaign tracking type)...
  16. DMouse

    Help me setup Adsbridge tracking link (will give $10)

    If you have no postback at MaxBounty how will AdsBridge know when there is a conversion?
  17. DMouse

    Help me setup Adsbridge tracking link (will give $10)

    what have you set as your post back in MB?
  18. DMouse

    How fast can you type?

    Pretty slow 45 wpm by the looks of it.....