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  1. Aiden L

    How To Get Bitcoins For Free?

    Another bullshit scam. Nice
  2. Aiden L

    Any suggestion please

    What type of offer are you promoting on cpagrip? Are you using LP's? Slight possibility is you may be getting shaved, however 105 clicks and no conversion is normal when using free untargeted traffic. You trade money for time, it's a pain in the ass but if you're low on cash it's great.
  3. Aiden L

    Need Help

    EPC stands for earnings per click. Basically this is the networks stats for how much affiliates on average are earning for every click sent to the offer. You don't earn epc directly, you will get the offer payout amount.
  4. Aiden L

    Push ads budget?

    Are you able to translate the lp to German if you’re targeting DE or any other non English speaking geos? Google translate is not good enough in most cases, especially with such a complex language like German among others.
  5. Aiden L

    Push ads budget?

    I would start with this one first. Less competitive than tier 1 but still lots of volume to scale profitable campaigns. Only issue is LP but a tool like adplexity push would help with this.
  6. Aiden L

    Push ads budget?

    To test if an offer works spend 10x payout to see results. If there are only 1-2 conversions, try something else. I would recommend a starting budget of around 1k but that’s just my opinion. To start do soi offers for their simplicity, stay away from cc submits as they’re very hard to convert...
  7. Aiden L

    Hello from India!!

    Welcome niraj
  8. Aiden L

    Fashion Affiliate Marketing Journey 2021 (SEO Traffic)

    Have you tried Photopea? Literal carbon copy of photoshop. It will also teach you how to work photoshop before you purchase it. Edit: you will need a decent add block lol, the popups are crazy. I recommend this one!
  9. Aiden L

    Earn $0 Per Day Copy & Paste [Step By Step]

    Sorry to break it to you but this method is bullshit.
  10. Aiden L

    What is the best conversation dating smartlink network?

    Any proof to back up these claims? Many people I speak to on various other forums (STM mostly) and social networks are earning great with them. I have never personally used them but I trust their judgement as they have been in the game longer than me.
  11. Aiden L

    Affiliates Wanted Premium Dating Offers

    To be honest this screenshot proves nothing, all images can be edited. Forward them emails of you receiving payment that would be better. Edit: Just noticed that this thread is 2 years lol.
  12. Aiden L

    Hello everyone I am Mandark from India

    welcome to the forum @mandark_astrono
  13. Aiden L

    How much money can i expect to make with affiliate program?

    There will be but they would be demanding a hefty commission. Somewhere in the range of 50% to 75%, it's hard enough trying to sell someone a 1k course never mind 5k. To put into perspective if you sell a 1k course commissions are commonly around $600, so for a 5k one you're looking at around...
  14. Aiden L

    How much money can i expect to make with affiliate program?

    If you can sell a good amount yourself on google ads why not continue with that? Just increase adspend budget to sell more, cut out the middle man and increase your profits.
  15. Aiden L

    How much money can i expect to make with affiliate program?

    Wait are you advertising a course that costs 5k or are you selling your own course that costs 5k? Both options sound pretty hopeless with no proof of any of your methods working. I guess you could try and target some gormless people with cash to burn. It's difficult but doable.
  16. Aiden L

    What do you look for in a hosting provider?

    On the topic of hosting, which VPS do you guys use? I use vultr and never had an issue with them, around $5 a month.
  17. Aiden L

    Trying to do CPA marketing

    Start with pop traffic promoting click2sms offers for tier 3 geos. This will teach you a lot in terms of running ppc camps and optimisation.
  18. Aiden L

    Trying to do CPA marketing

    Yes it it, mostly for tier 3 geos though. Bemob is ok for noobs.
  19. Aiden L

    Trying to do CPA marketing

    Very vague question. Simplify or be more specific please.