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  1. Offerit-John

    Hi All, Director Here from Offerit, the Performance Marketing Software

    I see we have an introduction forum so I thought I would take a moment and introduce myself and the company (if you haven't heard of us already). My name is John and I am the Director over here at Offerit. What is Offerit you ask? Offerit is one of the leading SaaS platforms for performance...
  2. Offerit-John

    How to Create or Edit an Offer using Offerit

    Adding an offer and a default landing page for that offer is a one-step process in Offerit. To set up a basic offer in Offerit, go to the Offers Admin and click the “Add Offer” tab. You will see many fields available, both required and optional. The required fields are as follows: ● Offer...
  3. Offerit-John

    CAKE vs Hasoffers vs Offerit Tracking War

    I came across an article about CAKE facing difficult times with the departure of key players in their company, only to find another article about how CAKE and Hasoffers Tracking War has turned dirty (original article). It seems the 2 are focused on each other, while Offerit, a leading tracking...
  4. Offerit-John

    Heading to Affiliate Summit?

    Hi Folks, If you are headed to Affiliate Summit West 2016, the Offerit Team and myself would love to meet up and provide an in-person demo of our platform for you to review. If you are interested in a private meeting, I have a few time slots available at the show to discuss business privately...
  5. Offerit-John

    What would you like to track that you can't currently?

    I enjoy getting feedback from affiliates and advertisers. In your current marketing tracking, are there any events you wish you had the ability to track? If so, what are they? Thanks, John
  6. Offerit-John

    Who runs their own Offer Network?

    Hello All, Looking around I see a lot of affiliates on here and this has caused me to wonder... Do any of you here run your own network or are thinking about it? If so, what are your biggest concerns and what types of features get you excited when it comes to performance marketing...
  7. Offerit-John

    Looking For Affiliate Networks or E-commerce Retailers to Demo Offerit platform

    Hi Folks, I wanted to drop in and provide a bit of information on our Affiliate Marketing SaaS Platform, Offerit. The technology behind the Offerit platform has been in use within the affiliate tracking industry for over 10 years. Offerit was developed during 2011 to bring this technology a...
  8. Offerit-John

    Official Offerit

    Offerit-John submitted a new resource: Offerit - Attribution Simplified Read more about this resource...
  9. Offerit-John

    Introduction to me

    Hi all... wanted to stop in and say hello. I am the Director, Sales and Marketing with Offerit and excited to get to know people on this board and see if there is a synergy between some of us. Feel free to hmu with anything