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  1. Sohaib3594

    Official TopOffers

    It's been over a week now and i am still waiting for approval and no one contacted me regarding my application :/
  2. Sohaib3594

    My Successful Journey

  3. Sohaib3594

    My Successful Journey

    Yes u also need a lp if u r promoting through instagram and i built my lp myself
  4. Sohaib3594

    My Successful Journey

    That's right but again my main traffic is from instagram
  5. Sohaib3594

    My Successful Journey

    For maxbounty i used facebook ads and instagram traffic and i almost had same lp for all offers
  6. Sohaib3594


    Welcome aboard :) and best of luck
  7. Sohaib3594

    My Successful Journey

    Hello Guys, I started cpa marketing + ig in nov 2015, i am a old member of this forum but never posted anything, i always used to observe other people posts to gain knowledge and information. I am sure it will motivate you and i will also get some motivation from you guys, after all hardwork is...
  8. Sohaib3594

    Official Cpamatica

    Very bad network and support. I got this network link from and i registered on their network for very 1st time in my life. I got email that for approval contact aff manager on skype. I added her and before any chat they declined my account without any reason. I have 3 years of...