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  1. JamesMerritt

    [guide] From 0 To $4K on Shopify Using This Method

    What I have noticed with these types of sites is yes they tell you winning products but you still need to break down the right targetting because any that is provided on the site is general or saturated by everyone else. It can work if done right but not as simple as you make it sound
  2. JamesMerritt

    I Made $6,277 In 4 months (Promoting JVZoo Products Only)

    did most of your traffic come from facebook or bing?
  3. JamesMerritt

    Ask Me Anything [GUIDE - $100k In Profit] Make Money With Adsense Using Pinterest

    Very interesting idea, I have done several similar in the past. Any chance you could hook me to any of your sites so I can work the flow that you have set?
  4. JamesMerritt

    Adsense Arbitrage Using Facebook Ads

    Dont bother with arbitrage sites. Once you start making money, adsense will ban your account due to excessive ad or poor user experience and facebook will ban your links in a heart beat
  5. JamesMerritt

    Looking To Sell Mobile Redirect Traffic

    Hello, I have about 50k users per day over 100 different websites and can double the traffic easily. 80% is USA traffic and 95% all premium traffic. All traffic comes directly from facebook, I am looking for somewhere to sell this traffic as it has been hard for me to find any decent mobile...
  6. JamesMerritt

    #Facebook ads spy tool

    Facebook Ad Examples | is doing really good and they have a free spy testing. Then if you find you need more info then you can pay for an account. Just found this today while digging for a good one and just happen to have this thread still opened so I figured I would help a fellow...
  7. JamesMerritt

    FREE Sweepstakes Landing Page For CPA Marketers

    I mainly use 50onred, popads and bing
  8. JamesMerritt

    FREE Sweepstakes Landing Page For CPA Marketers

    Thank you for the suggestion. I can and will do that.
  9. JamesMerritt

    FREE Sweepstakes Landing Page For CPA Marketers

    The possiblities to choose are endless. I recommend checking out what they have to offer and then checking what offers your affiliate has to offer then run a couple split tests on a few landing pages and then after that make sure to customize them even more.
  10. JamesMerritt

    FREE Sweepstakes Landing Page For CPA Marketers

    Just signed up on your website to check out the use of your platform and what landing pages you have to offer and I would like to say that what you are providing is well worth every penny. Several great landing pages. Love the options to be able to customize the landing pages within your...
  11. JamesMerritt

    Are You Using "Native Ads"?

    I love native networks. Provides the greatest ROI and the fastest. My experience Revcontent, Outbrain, MGID and all great networks and very beneficial and have great retargeting options. However, I do not recommend going with their options for targeting are extremely limited and their...
  12. JamesMerritt

    Please Suggest An URL Scraper For PPV Campaign

    Here is the correct url magicurlscrapers .com ^ remove space. I am not allowed to post links yet.
  13. JamesMerritt

    50OnRred Is Getting Very Red

    Do not even bother with 50onRed. I have spent my $500 deposit across several different campaigns and not a single offer no matter what I tried
  14. JamesMerritt

    My CPA Earning of 7 Days

    Congratulations Why do you have so many low views but high clicks?
  15. JamesMerritt

    Received $100.80 from Only 2 Leads

    Very nice. What is the ROI? If you are earning money then make sure you scale it
  16. JamesMerritt

    My 10 Day Earnings! Let me know what you think!

    Understandable on the accounts, it is actually very easy to make several different accounts on facebook. The key thing is to make sure they all hold unique information and they look like actual people. I recommend creating several real emails and then create the accounts but make sure you are...
  17. JamesMerritt

    Small Proof Of My Success

    Awesome success sir. Your traffic source is amazing, I use them religiously because you can target things down to a tee. I see that you said you do not direct link.. so you make your own landing pages correct? Are you capturing these leads that leave and do not purchase anything? This would be a...