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  1. Bloody Tourist

    Free course about Push advertising proposal

    Hell yeah! Just getting my feet wet in push, so this would be very valuable.
  2. Bloody Tourist

    Love Doll Affiliate Marketing

    These are high ticket items, so you'll need a big test budget to get some data with which you can optimize your campaigns. But there's a lot of adult traffic, volume shouldn't be a problem.
  3. Bloody Tourist

    make $1250 in 24 hours!! get rid of your 9-5

    LOL I can't believe this stuff is still around. Wait until TJ wakes up
  4. Bloody Tourist

    Review How to choose a payment card for Facebook

    Nice write up, thanks! Any experience with TransferWise and Revolut cards?
  5. Bloody Tourist

    What's Happening With Native?

    I can tell you from personal experience that native advertising is alive and kicking. I used to run financial trading offers on the big networks. I'm testing ecom offers as well. Stuff like this: Watt PRO Saver
  6. Bloody Tourist

    Hi! I'm new & need opinions I have a rough idea but I'm not sure about...

    Have you heard about There are girls making 6 figures a month.
  7. Bloody Tourist

    Are you also shocked by the price of Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is controlled by a VERY small group of people, so no it's not shocking to me at all. It could go to a 100 million or zero. Two major threats are quantum computing (which could easily hack/steal 25% of all Bitcoin) and the Tether timebomb (which will undermine almost everything related...
  8. Bloody Tourist

    hi...I'm a total newbie in Aff.Mktg, Need your help!!!

    Welcome dude or dudette! :) You can go two ways. Option #1 free traffic Create killer content around a money hungry niche like weight loss or making money online. Could be a blog, Youtube channel, whatever. Focus on keywords that have buy intent like reviews and mix those up with valuable...
  9. Bloody Tourist

    Need ideas for my squeeze page

    Easiest is to use a free trail on a spy tool. Some have a 30 day money back guarantee.
  10. Bloody Tourist

    Need ideas for my squeeze page

    Research what's already running in your niche and create a few variants on those. Don't steal, just use your own wording, images etc. My experience with squeeze pages is that a lot of times the ugliest ones (usually with the least copy) seem to win the split tests. Also depends on the niche of...
  11. Bloody Tourist

    Anyone interested in a guide on tracking?

    Tracking is the ONLY way to optimize your campaigns. Without data you're running blind and waiting for a lucky shot. So a detailed guide on tracking would be a goldmine for any newbie. Looking forward to it!
  12. Bloody Tourist

    Affiliate Business Model

    Yeah sure, if you want to go the WP route you could go with: Hosting: Kinsta (recurring) / Bluehost (one time) Themes: WPengine + StudioPress (sub referrals!) / MyThemeShop (sub referrals!) Plugins: Elementor (popular 50% pps) / Beaver Builder (25%recurring) And you could go a step further...
  13. Bloody Tourist

    Adult Affiliate

    Depends on what you're looking for. Dating, cams, games, VOD, male enhancement? I don't run adult anymore but still have some connections.
  14. Bloody Tourist

    Niche and Promotion

    Pick an evergreen niche that will always have offers and a hungry audience willing to spend $$$ Health Beauty Gaming Casino Dating Wealth Porn
  15. Bloody Tourist

    Affiliate Business Model

    You mean you need more topics to do tutorials on or want to know how to create them?
  16. Bloody Tourist

    how to solve Malicious software error in Google Ads?

    I've seen this happening with WordPress sites that use cracked themes or plugins. Those are 99% hacked and thus flagged by Google. So if you use WP you should look into that. Edit: Using WP for campaigns is bad practice anyway because of slow loading pages.
  17. Bloody Tourist

    Affiliate advice

    Try reaching out to the big content creators promoting related offers.
  18. Bloody Tourist

    Affiliate Business Model

    I make tutorial videos about trading stocks and promote brokers that payout $800 per new trader. Pretty good model, although it's a lot of work that I can't outsource. You can do this for all sorts of offers. I seen people having insane succes with WordPress tutorials promoting hosting...
  19. Bloody Tourist

    Need help with an aggregation project

    Hi guys, I'm working on a new project which will aggregate and pull in news from other sites (specific niche) on one site. Like I would like to automate most of this process. I've been looking at WordPress plugins and PHP scripts that can do this. For (paid) WP plugins I'm...