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  1. Elad Cohen

    looking for a DSP for desktop display on PPC model

    Hi, i would like to run desktop display ads in a PPC format. can you recommend on a platform (DSP) that has audience or category targeting capabilities? i was thinking of SiteScout DSP but it doesnt have PPC model thanks
  2. Elad Cohen

    integrating Voluum with Airpush

    Hi, i would like to integrate Voluum with Airpush DSP. i want to update the cost of each campaign using API. meaning that voluum will pull the cost from airpush automatically how do i do it?
  3. Elad Cohen

    where can i buy traffic with a JS Tag (not URL)?

    Hey! does anybody know of a Self-Served traffic source that enables to buy traffic with a JS / HTML Tag? (not only URL link) Thanks
  4. Elad Cohen

    Journey: first steps in Mobile Apps CPA

    Lumiere! this indeed resolved the issue, i learn that the problem is with Voluum, i will contact my account manager thanks
  5. Elad Cohen

    Journey: first steps in Mobile Apps CPA

    i'm doing both popups (that may result in accidental clicks)... and also running small banner displays - 320x50 (which should not trigger any mistaken clicks). i dont believe that mistaken clicks is the main reason becauase i see a consistent 47-51% discrepancy rate throughout my campaigns...
  6. Elad Cohen

    Journey: first steps in Mobile Apps CPA

    Day 5: good morning! i decided to focus on one offer on Glispa (affiliate network), a very popular game with $1.75 payout. i promote this offer via 3 traffic sources: PopAds (mobile popaps), SiteScout (mobile display) and LeadBolt (mobile display). from some reason i don't get a lot of...
  7. Elad Cohen

    I need serious help

    Hi Awesome sauce! could you resolve the above issue? i am experiencing the exact promplem: 50% discrepancy between voluum and the affiliate network. my skype id is Elicohen1000 thanks!
  8. Elad Cohen

    Click discrepancy

    im having the same exact problem: 50% clicks bleed (discrepancy) between voluum and the affiliate network. im running popups with a landing page and have a VPS server. John, could you resolve this problem?
  9. Elad Cohen

    Huge clicks discrepancy

    Hi! i am experiencing huge clicks discrepancy... i see 100 clicks on Voluum and only 50 clicks on the affiliate network panel. it is really harming my CR. i have only one campaign running, so the traffic is quite low. i suspect three issues: 1. my shared hosing damages my clicks... i need a...
  10. Elad Cohen

    Where can i buy Redirect Display Traffic for $0.3 CPM

    Hi Fixers! i am looking to buy Redirect display traffic for as low as i can get. my goal is ~$0.3 CPM for Mobile display does anybody know of a DSP or self served platform that enables and allows the above? (cheap mobile redirect) Best!
  11. Elad Cohen

    Journey: first steps in Mobile Apps CPA

    Tyoussef! you are my friends and my mentor... thanks
  12. Elad Cohen

    Journey: first steps in Mobile Apps CPA

    Thanks Game333, should i check with the account manager on the affiliate side? should i check voluum? should i check my hosting provider? i didnt get you. P.S. - what clicks discrepancy should i expect between voluum and the aff. network?
  13. Elad Cohen

    Journey: first steps in Mobile Apps CPA

    meaning i have to have a VPS? public hosting is not sufficient at the begining?
  14. Elad Cohen

    Journey: first steps in Mobile Apps CPA

    (Thanks Dr. Forum!) i woke up, brush my teeth and continued my journey: Day 2 Today i decided to focus on analysis, researching and learning, before i invest more funds and set up more campaigns. i have decided to switch affiliate network and traffic source and to begin working with Glispa...
  15. Elad Cohen

    Kimia (affiliate network) - is it good for newbies?

    Marina, thanks for the professional and quick response! i will play with platform, continue chatting with Rocio and test the water. best!
  16. Elad Cohen

    Journey: first steps in Mobile Apps CPA

    Hi, i entered this world two weeks ago, mostly researching and setting up the hosting and tracker. few days ago i began running my first campaigns with no success. i spent approximately $300 in media and only today, after 4 days. 10 campaigns and 10 landing pages i saw my first, $0.7...
  17. Elad Cohen

    Kimia (affiliate network) - is it good for newbies?

    Hi, i am new to the mobile apps, CPA, pop-up world. i was considering Kimia as an ad-network, but i noticed that their platform is quite different than others. for good or worse, they have many features that i am not familiar with. is it good for newbies? has anybody had a good experience? i...
  18. Elad Cohen

    Aff. Networks and traffic sources for mobile apps

    Hi there fellows. I am trying to see conversions with mobile apps on AirPush and PeerFly. Unfortunately it hasn't been very successful. What other Traffic sources and Aff. Networks specialize with mobile apps? I am looking for partners that are Newbies' "friendly" and have low minimum deposit...
  19. Elad Cohen

    still.... no conversions whatsoever! how do i rule out a tech problem possibility?

    Hi you FIXERS! I am running mobile offers - app install, email submit, survey. I see some impressions and clicks in all 3 platforms (traffic sources, tracker and affiliate networks)... But! still, there are no conversions. I setup the tracker (Voluum) I got an hosting server service (Godaddy...
  20. Elad Cohen

    My campaign isn't converting. is it a tech issue, or should i use a landing page?

    i resolved the tracking issue, build landing pages and launched more campaigns but still no conversions :(