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    Hi, It's Diego

    Good to have you in here Diego, welcome in.
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    Hello everyone

    You are welcome in the building dude.
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    Hello. I am EJM Missouri

    You are truly welcome on the forum dude, enjoy your stay!
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    Looking for Traffic Sources

    startapp, Propellerads, could be good i guess, they worth the try!
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    3 Affiliate Marketing Myths I Believed That Cost Me Money & Wasted My Time

    Thisis good to let folks out there know dude, Good thread.
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    Review Today I just realized I have Earned myself $9480.38 from what i completely ignored 9 months Ago!

    This is a good money to withdraw and try toi invest it elsewhere!
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    you are welcome on the forum mate!
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    I think there no way to win in CPA

    You knoxw it is possible to make good results without using tools huh? You just have to do your homework wne that's it!
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    I think there no way to win in CPA

    Hey buddy, you can still make good money like others, just need to point the right direction, set the proper campaign, and do the right things it will definitely be great! just focus on some major steps, and focus on that it will pay off!
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    New affiliate

    Welcome on the forum Manish0707!
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    You are really welcome on the forum Ronald008!
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    Not new to Affiliate Marketing but barely ever had success

    ya welcome around, mayyour dreams come true, and good luck on this! Working hard will definitely get you where you want!
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    looking for the best tool to spy mobile app advertising

    Give a look on those, Admobispy, Whatrunswhere, Adplexity, you will find what you are looking at!
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    What is best traffic sources for cpa marketing ?

    This will hardly depend on what you want to put out there, no one is as better that others, they all worth tho be checked out!
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    Should My Website Design be Responsive and Mobile-Friendly?

    you better adapt it to this, it will be worth it trust me!
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    Anyone has Nutra\ Diet banners \ creatives EN?

    I guess this could be easily done using a good spy-tool dude, try to check out some good Native spy-tool, any of them could surely be great for that!
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    Promoting Offers from different countries?

    You could get in touch with your affiliate manager, and let him recommend you exactly what offers you could run, regarding what you are intending to run.
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    Cheap untargeted traffic

    try to buy some good cheap traffic elsewhere and test this tracker using that. You could try to search for the best and cheapest traffic for your offer using a spy-tool, it should definitely be relevant and helpful!
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    Newbie looking for CPI offers

    have a look on Startapp dude, i guess you could find there what you are looking at exactly.
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    Cheap Native Ad Network

    You could definitely try Outbrain, or even something like taboola, they could offer you good service, but at the other hand, i'm afraid i couldn't tell you really well more about their budget. One other thing you could add for more effectivity could be affording a native spy-tool to help you out...