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  1. NicheGuy

    How do you conduct research on your niche Audience?

    Actually I kind of work in reverse. I have a number of things that are of high interest - some passions, some close. It's easy for me to write on those niches so content comes fairly easy and I don't tire of it since I have 16 niche sites so variety has become both the spice of my affiliate...
  2. NicheGuy

    Do you prefer Cash over Gift Cards?

    I don't do gift cards, my policy - Show Me the $Money$ ;)
  3. NicheGuy

    How does social media affect your website?

    I consistently use G+, FB, Twiiter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and StumbleUpon. G+ is my overall winner but I'm surprised how good my results are from Pinterest. My posting to my sites is consistent and I always post a blurb and link to my site postings at G+ and FB which is connected to my Twitter...
  4. NicheGuy

    Need help with Internet Marketing

    Build it with lots of original content and they will come. I call it feeding the Google Monster. The foundation of content marketing is invariably to acquire inbound targeted traffic to your website. Marketing your content material is an extremely effective method to market your niche or...
  5. NicheGuy

    Content Marketing to Build Link Juice

    I don't actively seek to build links from purchasing or asking, I don't join Web 2.0 sites or other site to lay links back to my site, it's a waste of valuable time when you could be writing more original content and building the information your prospective targeted audience wants. The very...
  6. NicheGuy

    How to get more Facebook fans

    I'm not into purchasing much in the realm of SEO. I concentrate on original, fresh content for all my niche sites and consistently cross-post at Google+ and FB. However, my experience in collecting fans, likes, or followers depending on the social media venue is that G+ is beating FB 100:1 and...
  7. NicheGuy

    Multi-Site Landing Page - Adwords Says NO!

    Actually BigJ I get Adwords coupon offers in the mail and offered by Hostgator but I found I get one shot at using it. It appears I don't get multiple chances. I got $100 free Adwords once but it's a one time offer per account.
  8. NicheGuy

    Role of images in seo

    The Google image bot definitely seems to be looking at filename and the alt tag, but it also looks at a lot of the same factors that the Google search bot looks at - title tag, meta description, heading tags, links and anchor text. If we are already focused on optimizing our individual pages...
  9. NicheGuy

    Quality is the king!

    If you have a lot of sites like I do I'm always creating new original content to maintain my PR rankings and page authority. The majority of my traffic comes from organic searches. I've tried several link building techniques but now Google has finally caught up to link building schemes so...
  10. NicheGuy

    Multi-Site Landing Page - Adwords Says NO!

    I have too many sites and content, always being refreshed with new content, to start the link wheel process which is going to Web 2.0 sites, opening accounts and placing articles on them. It's a great concept but to avoid the duplicate content issue I'd have to spin every article multiple times...
  11. NicheGuy

    How Organized Are You At Your Money Making Ventures?

    I have desktop icons for each of my niche sites and a very big monitor to see all of them with. I also keep each site in a favorites folder. Then I have favorite folders for topics related to different niches as reference material. I also have desktop icons for my affiliate program sites to...
  12. NicheGuy

    Keeping Personal And Business Accounts Separate

    A conundrum indeed. I have 14 niche websites, 2 more in the hopper, a Google + page plus pages for each site niche, a Facebook page and pages for each site niche, plus a FB page under a pen name for my political blog, twitter accounts for each of my niches - I'm getting confused just writing...
  13. NicheGuy

    Google's errors

    Google makes mistakes and I'm sure they do plenty within their algorithms that aren't mistakes but intentional. It's been discussed on forums for affiliate niche site owners that Google punishes eBay affiliates (ePN) and Amazon Associates by reducing rankings and page authority. Of course we...
  14. NicheGuy

    What Micro Work Sites Have You Had Success with?

    Anyone on Cloud Crowd using referral banners please let me know if you have a link to find those. I posted on their Facebook page and have searched the site. A link to a resource page is broken and another talks about referring Cloud Crowd but the banners and links page seems to be their best...
  15. NicheGuy

    Multi-Site Landing Page - Adwords Says NO!

    I created a nice ad and targeted it to my central page/landing page that lists all of my 8 niche sites for golf. Almost like a table of contents but a separate domain and site. Although I'm discussing golf at all 8 sites they are geared to each specific club - blade irons, forged irons...
  16. NicheGuy

    Greetings from the Lake Michigan Coastline

    I'm a niche content marketer so I wear plenty of hats from SEO, site design, writing and publishing original content on a number of sites (14 down from 21 with 2 new ones in the hopper) but there's plenty to learn and maybe I can share and add a little experience and add value to give back some...
  17. NicheGuy

    Best Web designing tool

    I've used Frontpage (it died thankfully) and moved on to Macromedia Dreamweaver. I was very proficient with MD but in 2009 I started experimenting with Wordpress and became quickly hooked. I copied over 21 websites to the WP platform and never looked back. Just the thousands of plugins and...
  18. NicheGuy

    Google Keyword Tool is Gone REPLACED

    I too just found out about the demise of Keyword Tool and the launch of Keyword Planner. It's different but didn't really take much time to get used to. I was using it to decide on a new domain name for a site I'm going to build and at first I was muttering to myself because I just want to get...
  19. NicheGuy

    Can Bing Surpass Google?

    I use Google tools and Bing Webmaster Tools and both are quite good for analytics. Can Bing ever surpass Google, I can't imagine it but I''m really surprised studying my search traffic results for 14 sites that Bing searches to arrive at my sites is excellent and on any given day surpasses...
  20. NicheGuy

    Wordpress vs Joomla

    I can't speak of Joomla as I haven't tried it but in my opinion you'd be hard pressed to find much wrong and not relatively easy with Wordpress. In the past I've used Frontpage and Macromedia Dreamweaver but Wordpress, with ease of set up and thousands of themes and plugins, makes it so easy...