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  1. PureLander

    Top Affiliates

    Welcome to Affiliate fix !!! - Samira
  2. PureLander

    Currencycom – regulated cryptoexchange of tokenised assets. Affiliate Program

    Seems like someone have just glanced the rules .. without reading them carefully .. (ಠ_ಠ) + Welcome by the way, @new_member - Samira
  3. PureLander

    Relarives to Google and Bing

    You were promoting antivirus, right?? That's why they banned your acc .. you should have used push or pop traffic.. If not, tell us what you were promoting, and what was your last activity in your account? - Samira
  4. PureLander

    honest opinion

    Where are them?? You can share a screenshot of them instead of sharing the links ( ノ ゚ー゚)ノ - Samira
  5. PureLander

    Vidone - Fast Streaming Platform with Flexible 7-Tier Affiliate program & Premium

    Sounds cool, I've just registered and I like some features there. Good luck, guys!! - Samira
  6. PureLander

    Google Rising Research Categories

    SPOT ON!!! + Great share!! - Samira
  7. PureLander

    We need high quality traffic for CPL, CPQL finance offers VN, ID, PH

    That brings more trust compared with using I .. Umm nice try '-' - Samira
  8. PureLander

    Affiliates Wanted Tanu Hair

    Hey! Welcome here! Tell us about your experiment with this forum? You can register to affiliate programs to get affiliates to promote your offer.. If that's what you're asking for - Samira
  9. PureLander

    An affiliate partner with knowledge in the adult bussiness is needed

    I'm not so expert at adult, hope you a good luck! You can also post a thread with your main questions and the gurus here will provide you with their answers, the answers will be there that any other newbie will read them and get benefits ++ Welcome to the community by the way! - Samira
  10. PureLander

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for LiveCam Affiliate

    Think it's not available no more - Samira
  11. PureLander

    I want to start Pay per call business

    You mean you want to create the offers or you want to promore the Pay per calls offers? If so (the second opt) I'd say you have to check Marketcall .. they have an acc here you can contact them - Samira
  12. PureLander

    Direct linking

    TESTs are the key to determine which offer to choose .. you have to know which one will convert well .. They usually work much better with Landers .. Verticals or offers? Well, just don't choose high payout offers (+5 USD) unless you have a big budget for tests (+1000USD) Check the eCPM in the...
  13. PureLander

    Health is the root of all happiness.

    That's so true .. I'll steal this quote ' w ' - Samira
  14. PureLander

    Best Traffic Sources

    Richpush have good traffic for nutra, I'd recommend them - Samira
  15. PureLander

    Make your transaction files importable into your accounting software

    You got a subscriber 'w' .. Welcome to this community by the way!!! - Samira
  16. PureLander

    How can i get traffic to buy my sales

    You know simply put .. Google ad .. or traffic sources or social media '-' - Samira
  17. PureLander

    Hello, nice to meet you all!

    Welcome to this community!! Tell us about your experience with this forum so far - Samira
  18. PureLander

    Belgium & JAPAN traffic

    Have you checked Clickadilla? - Samira
  19. PureLander

    Best Paid Traffic?

    A very open-question .. Every one of us would recommend the ones from their experience .. Besides google I'd say Richads and Adsterra - Samira