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  1. chiruraaj

    Official PPVAffiliate Tool [Deleted]

    This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
  2. chiruraaj

    Official PPVAffiliate Tool [Deleted]

    chiruraaj updated PPVAffiliate Tool with a new update entry: PPVAffiliate Tool Read the rest of this update entry...
  3. chiruraaj

    100K on Teespring

    It's not too late. You can get in and make a lot of money though the market is more competitive now than before. I would say $500 - $1000 should be a good budget to learn and get profitable. :)
  4. chiruraaj

    100K on Teespring

    Thank a lot, K. :) Talk to you on skype!
  5. chiruraaj

    100K on Teespring

    Hi Guys, A very happy new year to all. :) I just want to share my story selling T-shirts on Teespring and Fabrily with you all guys. I started with Teespring in March 2014. I have sold similar number of shirts in the European market using Fabrily as the platform ( I was interviewed by them for...
  6. chiruraaj

    Teespring Last Week Earnings!

    Hey Guys, Thanks for the support. It was all from Facebook and Facebook is still working great with Teespring. :)
  7. chiruraaj

    Mediatraffic or 50onred? peerfly or maxbounty?

    The general consensus is that 50onred has a better traffic quality than Mediatraffic. So, if you have $500 ( which you will need anyway for testing.) then go with 50onred. As far as Peerfly and Maxbounty are concerend, they are both great networks, so you can't go wrong with either of them. :)
  8. chiruraaj

    Teespring Ads Placement

    Hi Jerryling, Congrats on achieving a ctr of above 6%. You can sure change targets after it has been running for some time. From what I understand you are seeing option to change only name and budget because you may be browsing only at campaign and adset level. On the top of power editor it has...
  9. chiruraaj

    Teespring Ads Placement

    Hey Jerryling, As K said, if you use 1200*627, the image will show up the best on desktop as well as mobile newsfeed. As for the design, we make it in illustrator and export it as hi-resolution (300 ppi). :)
  10. chiruraaj

    My Recent TeeSpring Failures - Help!?

    ---- Double Post ----
  11. chiruraaj

    My Recent TeeSpring Failures - Help!?

    Hey TJ, How is it going? :)
  12. chiruraaj

    Teespring Ads Placement

    Yes newsfeed ads work best for teespring. RHS ads have very small space for image and the T-shirt is not clearly visible in that small space. So even though the traffic is cheaper on RHS ads, people just wont click the ad.
  13. chiruraaj

    Seems impossible to open TrafficVance account ...

    If you are from Asia, it is very hard to get in even with strong referrals.
  14. chiruraaj

    How long to run with no sales?

    I run an ad for $12 and stop it if I dont get a single conversion. Sometimes after i stop a campaign i get a conversion or two, so I restart the ad.
  15. chiruraaj

    What networks to join?

    Peerfly and Maxbounty are two great networks which are also newbie friendly. :)
  16. chiruraaj

    Follow along: First paid Teespring campaign

    Yeah, I was also startled to see in reports that half of my sales on many campaigns come from mobile devices. So, I always select 'show my ads on newsfeed on desktop and mobile'. Colors are working great for me too. :)
  17. chiruraaj

    My Recent TeeSpring Failures - Help!?

    That's the spirit, my friend. :D
  18. chiruraaj

    Best type of image on FB for high CTR?

    Hey Srijon, Yes weekends are the best time to launch the campaigns. Sales are more on Thursday - Sunday and go considerably down on Monday - Wednesday. Basically, I start my ads when there is evening time in the US. After that if it performs you need to let them run continuously. :)