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  1. Jojjua

    Understanding Tracking

    great job! Bot traffic is killing my campaigns :(
  2. Jojjua

    Understanding Tracking

    Hello guys, i'm having trouble understanding how to properly set up conversion tracking for my campaigns. Can any good souls out there take 5 minutes of patience and explain it to me, please? There are 3 subjects on this interaction as far as i understood: 1 - Affiliate network (provides an...
  3. Jojjua

    Sweepstakes: Call for Experienced Affiliates

    Hello Guys, I wanted to ask you what is, in your experience, the best traffic source to work with e-mail submit and sweepstakes? I'm thinking about google adwords right now..too pricey? Thank you!
  4. Jojjua

    First time CPA, is this any good??

    I'm not expert when it comes to games or app but if this was your first campaign ever it is not a bad result! You have proof that it can convert. Did you try different landing pages and ads? Did you track your campaign in order to get more data about where/who the leads comes from? Good luck...
  5. Jojjua

    First campaign advices

    Hi giovanni, when it comes to amazon affiliate the best strategy to implement is to build a niche site. You will need to create a web site that has great content about the specific product you chose to promote. Remember that readers have to find the the web site useful! A great way to do that...
  6. Jojjua

    my road to success with mobile CPA - $10,000/month Goal - Update 11/14/2017

    Very nice, i love it! i was wondering if you, or anyone reading this thread could help me understand better the iFrame form thing. I guess it would be better to close the lead directly on one landing page, instead than having the user jump from pre-lander to lander. How can i implement the form...
  7. Jojjua

    Voluum DSP

    i guess i you are right. i was dreaming of buying native traffic directly from voluum :P
  8. Jojjua

    Voluum DSP

    Hello everybody! As a newbie i guess i'm going to ask a silly question but, better to be stupid one day than be silent and be stupid forever ;) I have seen that Voluum has launched DSP service, allowing people to buy native traffic. My question is: -does that mean that i don't need an account...
  9. Jojjua

    Top Native ads networks ?

    The best are Outbrain and Taboola. Taboola require a 5k investement. Outbrain is self service with low budget and if you add 5k on the account they will assign you a personal account manager
  10. Jojjua


    I see, thank you very much for your informations
  11. Jojjua


    Doesn anyone of you works with this affiliate network? It seems to have the highest payout ever
  12. Jojjua

    What's the best Mobile Traffic to buy?

    Thanks for your reply
  13. Jojjua

    Where can i find good pictures?

    Thank you very much guys! you are the best! Yeah Martini, i got the feeling too that weird and ugly picture could work. I used to run professional picture for Forex and got very good results, so i'm scared to switch. I'll try it out and i'll keep you informed of the results
  14. Jojjua

    Where can i find good pictures?

    thanks. I will search on those as well. I would love to talk to someone who already run a campaign for a beauty product who could help me prepare my campaign. Native Traffic as source :-) Do you guys knows anybody?
  15. Jojjua

    Where can i find good pictures?

    yeah u right, it is weird haha. Nevertheless I'd really like the idea of finding a good place to search for weird pictures. Do you any idea where people get their "trashy" pictures? Stock images on big sites seems to be kind of clean :-)
  16. Jojjua

    Where can i find good pictures?

    Thanks for all your replies. I'm looking at competitors Landing pages and i see the kind of images they use. I really don't know if they acquired them in a legal way to be honest. I doubt it...In the health department everything looks kind of scammy to me
  17. Jojjua

    Where can i find good pictures?

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunatly i don't think is legal to steal some pictures from Pinterest and use them to sponsor diet products...or am I missing something?
  18. Jojjua

    Where can i find good pictures?

    Hello guys! May I ask you where do you find good pictures for your Landing pages? Let's say i'd like to run a campaign about a diet product, where could i find good pictures of people losing fat? I tried the most famous websites (fotolia, stockadobe,shuttershock) but they have very clean...
  19. Jojjua

    Download or Install Landing Page.

    What a beautiful design! I don't even know where to start when it comes to design landing pages. Thanks Ps. If you are not on the DOJO you will get another Landing Page if you try to download it :P
  20. Jojjua

    By Newbie for Newbies: The campaign optimisation walkthrough I wish I had last week

    Great! I love the way you just shared with us your process and openly your campaign. For newbies like me it means a lot :)