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  1. TonmoyParves

    Help To Monetize My Dog Niche Leads

    Hello Y'll. Hope everyone is safe and doing great. Well, I do have a Pet Site those ranked for some serious good keywords and giving me monthly around 4000-4500 Traffics from Google itself. And I'm getting average daily 5-6 Leads. I'm attaching my Leads Mails. I do have their Name, Email...
  2. TonmoyParves

    Want to start serious hard working and make Passive income

    Hello Guys, How's going? Hope, everything is going good. I want to start doing serious hard work and want to make Passive income. I've heard about CPA, CPL, PPL, PPC like this and also a lot's of thing like Youtube Video marketing and others also. BTW, I'm learning and doing blogging for few...
  3. TonmoyParves

    Happy Sunday Affiliatefix

    Hello Everybody, This is TonmoyParves. I’m Living in Tangail, Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am 16 years old and Read in Class 10. I want to become a Professional Blogger and Internet Marketer. And that’s why i started my jounrey at this age. I started my Internet Browsing Jounrey in 2011 (When i was...