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  1. chiruraaj

    100K on Teespring

    Hi Guys, A very happy new year to all. :) I just want to share my story selling T-shirts on Teespring and Fabrily with you all guys. I started with Teespring in March 2014. I have sold similar number of shirts in the European market using Fabrily as the platform ( I was interviewed by them for...
  2. chiruraaj

    Teespring Last Week Earnings!

    I am having a great time selling T-shirts along with my partner. Here is the screenshot of my yesterday's payment. :D I hope it also inspires some people who are just getting into Teespring. :)
  3. chiruraaj

    What payout offers do you recommend selecting for ppv traffic?

    Hey Luke, I have been doing PPV for around 6-8 months now and havent been able to get any offer that pays less than $3 profitable? Currently, I am running a biz opp offer thay pays $1.6 and even after running and optimizing it for 2 months I have been able to reach only break even for that...
  4. chiruraaj

    Official PPVAffiliate Tool [Deleted]

    I made this site for personal use for optimizing and scaling my PPV campaigns. I also decided to share it with my Affiliate Fix Friends. It contains 3 simple tools that I use on a daily basis. 1. Star Generator: It generates a big list of urls with stars in between. This can help you get a...
  5. chiruraaj

    Hurrah! Won the $1000 Performance Bonus From Maxbounty!!

    Hey Guys, I just received my $1000 Performance bonus from Maxbounty. They give it to all affiliates who make a revenue of more than $1000 in their first 3 months. I am very happy and I had to share this with my Affilliate Fix Friends. A Part of the credit goes to this Forum as I have learnt a...
  6. chiruraaj

    Importance of Network EPC for choosing an offer?

    Hi Luke, A big thank you for answering our questions. btw, you are also my good AM at Peerfly. :D I have two questions- 1. As everyone says the network epc is a very skewed number, as it comes from variety of affiliates using different Traffic sources. So, should we go after an offer...
  7. chiruraaj

    Decent Budget to start mobile cpa?

    Hey Greg, I am currently doing ppv but want to get into mobile marketing. Can you tell me a decent budget required for advertising costs to get started with mobile cpa ? I know it will be different for different people but still I want to get a general idea, as I have some limited funds and...
  8. chiruraaj

    What do you think of PPV as a traffic source?

    Hey Greg, First of all, I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions. SO my question is what do you think of PPV traffic quality? Some say it is cheap, some say it is costly as you are paying per impression and not click. Personally, I like it...
  9. chiruraaj

    Simple Strategy to get cheaper bids on Leadimpact

    Hello Friends, As more and more people are getting into Affiliate Marketing the competition is increasing and so are the bid prices on Leadimpact increasing. For many of the top urls the highest bid is greater than 10 cents. For payday loan sites some of the bids are even 50cents or more. I...
  10. chiruraaj

    What Fonts do you guys use in your Landing Pages?

    Hello Friends, A little help required from you all here. When creating landing pages for my ppv campaigns I always wonder what fonts to use for different texts to grab maximum attention of the users, but end up using arial most of the times. So, I would love to hear what fonts work well for...
  11. chiruraaj

    Anyone tried 50onred?

    Hello Guys, I have been hearing good feedback about the traffic quality of 50onred. So I was wondering if any of our affiliate fix member tried it and can give feedback on how is the traffic quality there? Thanks. :)
  12. chiruraaj

    Does Leadimpact have good traffic in European countries?

    Hi Kj, Is it a good idea to target countries like france, germany, sweden and nederlands for dating offers? Do they have considerable traffic in these countries? Can you please share your experience with this.
  13. chiruraaj

    What are the 3 most important things for success in ppv?

    Hi Kj, I thought I should pester you here as well in addition to the coaching. :D As the title says, what according to you are the 3 most important things for making a successful ppv campaign? Cheers Shloka
  14. chiruraaj

    How much is enough to get started with PPV?

    Hi Charles, Thanks for your generosity and answering our questions. I am getting started in PPV and realtively new to cpa and have some questions. i> How much $ is required to get started with PPV and become profitable? I know it will be different for different people but still if you...
  15. chiruraaj

    Some Help Required With 7search Ad Copy. :)

    Hello CPAfix, Presently I am promoting Peerfly email submit offers on 7search. I read on another forum that we should not use the word free anywhere in our ad copy while promoting email submit offers even when the landng pages themselves contain the word free. As I was not aware of this I was...
  16. chiruraaj

    Some basic questions about landing pages

    Hi Currently, I am promoting email submit offers on 7search PPC through direct linking. I read everywhere that I should also test it through landing pages. So, how do we get people to sign up through landing pages? Is it like 7search --> Landing Page --> Offer? Is landing page always a...
  17. chiruraaj

    Please Explain No Trademark Bidding

    Hello Guys. A newbie question here. I understand that no trademark bidding means that I cannot bid for the keywords which contain brand name. So for example if i am promoting an offer which says get free iphone and has restriction on trademark bidding then I cannot bid for the keyword...
  18. chiruraaj

    Hello Dear Friends!

    I hope you all are in a good mood today! :) My name is Shloka and I am from India.I completed my graduation in Fashion Technology this year. I am a newbie to internet marketing and CPA. Having said that I have been reading a lot and now I am ready to take action and work hard. I read Newbie...