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  1. IAmUnstoppable

    Journey to $100 profit a day with Alidropship (Aliexpress dropshipping)

    R u joking? xD The guy commented bullshit like this on my previous thread too and all he is doing is fucking pushing his service or some shit. And, his post is completely unrelated to my thread. He probably did not even read the thread. And, you, the administrator, are saying it's okay :D...
  2. IAmUnstoppable

    Journey to $100 profit a day with Alidropship (Aliexpress dropshipping)

    I need a suggestion on IG. Which option would be better? 1) Set up a brand profile or 2) A fake identity that will promote my business. For fake identity, I would find some girl on and use her pics. I am afraid this might get the profile into trouble in case the person finds my profile in...
  3. IAmUnstoppable

    Journey to $100 profit a day with Alidropship (Aliexpress dropshipping)

    Hello there. Note with the moderator: I read the rules, but if I still make any mistakes not allowed by the rules, please don't delete my thread, correct them or ask me to correct the mistakes and I will, thanks. So, who am I? Frankly, I am new to this forum. I liked this forum and opened a...
  4. IAmUnstoppable

    From ZERO to 5 FIGURES from scratch with mobile cpa

    Guys, this might be irrelevant but I am trying to open a thread in journeys' section but I am unable to. It says I do not have the permission. Do you know why it might be happening?
  5. IAmUnstoppable

    Pop Journey 2018

    Good luck!!!!! I like the commitment
  6. IAmUnstoppable

    Please help me with my website! And ideas!

    epicwrite a good service where you can order an ebook. Maybe you can either collect emails with it or sell it.
  7. IAmUnstoppable

    Posting to Journey section

    Hey, I just wrote a thread hoping I would post it in journeys' section but I get an error "You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action." Is there a minimum posts requirement to do it?
  8. IAmUnstoppable

    Selling PinBotAI - An intelligent Pinterest automation tool

    This is a good tool. A bit expensive for me though
  9. IAmUnstoppable

    Starting my own affiliate network

    Okay but that's not related I suppose.
  10. IAmUnstoppable

    Starting my own affiliate network

    Can you give me an example of CC and Mobile offers you are suggesting? It does not take long to get the confirmation after the user enters info in COD case. For example, the model I am talking about now is the following, and it gets confirmed within 15 minutes if the phone number entered is...
  11. IAmUnstoppable

    Starting my own affiliate network

    I think it is smart. Consider the competition you have to keep up to. Especially the problem of getting affiliates. As you said affiliate are afraid of trying new things, I plan to teach the fellow website owners of my country how to become affiliates. I think they will have way more income...
  12. IAmUnstoppable

    Starting my own affiliate network

    I will be operating on COD (cash on delivery). That is what current offer advertisers are doing. Unfortunately, I could not find who's making the product to ask them if I would be able to have the product in my network if I built it. So, aside from payment methods, payment terms, what could be...
  13. IAmUnstoppable

    Starting my own affiliate network

    There are a few offers in my region, in native language, which are completely fake. They offer penis enlargement, miraculous erection dysfunction cure, varicose veins treatment, anti-acne stuff, weight loss pills. All of these are either pills, creams or gels. I am 95% sure these are all...
  14. IAmUnstoppable

    How to set up my own affiliate network

    + Any update? I want to start my own network too. The same story. It will be the first aff network in my area.
  15. IAmUnstoppable

    Starting my own affiliate network

    Yes, that's on my mind. I will have people who own the offers, and people who want to promote these offers for a commission. No, I plan to ship products in my country only. At least as a start, then maybe, I will start shipping in the nearby countries. I like that idea of starting with digital...
  16. IAmUnstoppable

    Starting my own affiliate network

    Background I searched high and low for reasonable details on starting an own network, but couldn't really find any, except, for those with shallow information. I assume this is the best place to open this thread on this forum. Here's what's happening... In my home country, there is no...
  17. IAmUnstoppable

    Looking for fake comments scheduler plugin for Wordpress

    Hey, I need a plugin to schedule fake comments, possibly from fake accounts, over days and maybe weeks. Is there such plugin for Wordpress? Or, is there a way around it to do it? Your response is highly appreciated.