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  1. azgold

    Greetings all would love some ideas on expanding Helium Network

    Welcome to AffiliateFix! Enjoy the forums :)
  2. azgold

    Looking for Online Income

    Welcome to AffiliateFix! We look forward to answering your questions in the newbie helpdesk forum.
  3. azgold

    What Will Change for B2B in the Post-Pandemic Market

    I've heard it referred to as the "new normal." What exactly does that mean? Guess we'll have to wait and see but online marketers have the advantage, I think, to research and scout out new sources and opportunities that the 'regular' folks may not even be aware of.
  4. azgold

    I'm away October 6th - 15th. More grandpet sitting. :-)

    I'm away October 6th - 15th. More grandpet sitting. :-)
  5. azgold

    Help me to clear the waters

    Nope. Use this forum and its helpful members as your (free) mentor. Besides, what works for one person may not work for another, even if you were to follow what that person does. I agree with @Graybeard , gaming is a good vertical, I always liked promoting it. As for FB account farming, I...
  6. azgold

    Looking for affiliates with biz opp,earn online,learn skills traffic

    Hello, welcome to AffiliateFix! :) If you need any help, just let us know. Enjoy the forums!
  7. azgold

    Q4 Journey Thread - $400 per day by Christmas

    Ah, I see. You didn't sound rude. :) I don't want to speak for him but I know that he's working a day job at the moment, so he has an income from that while he's prepping his site; also he still has some existing sites up and running. Got it! Just a sidenote: have you checked @Honeybadger 's...
  8. azgold

    Q4 Journey Thread - $400 per day by Christmas

    If anyone can do it, @Honeybadger can. This isn't his first 'kick at the can', he has some experience with creating and building sites. He answered those questions above, he uses ubersuggest and Amazon. ;)
  9. azgold

    Q4 Journey Thread - $400 per day by Christmas

    Yay! to another Honeybadger journey! You'll be living in your customized van soon. You have even more motivation (necessity) now. Very best of luck, Honeybadger, we're all pulling for you!
  10. azgold

    This could be you if you put in the work

    Are those your earnings?
  11. azgold

    Question 2

    I spent a couple of decades in the promotional products industry; spent another few years writing for marketers; learned about affiliate marketing here in the forums, back when AffiliateFix was CPAFix.
  12. azgold

    A women how wants to share her knowledge with the world

    Hello and welcome to AffiliateFix, Serena! Nice to see another woman in this industry. There are a lot more females realizing the potential of building an affiliate marketing business now than there was just a few years ago. That's what we do here - learn and teach. :) Anytime you have...
  13. azgold

    I'm new affiliate

    Hello and welcome to AffiliateFix! Yup and there is quite a bit of competition, so if you have a unique angle or product to promote, that can help. I certainly think you can but it'll take some learning and work. More importantly, do you think you will succeed? Mindset is important...
  14. azgold


    Hello and welcome! That's okay, everybody is at first. :) I always like to recommend that newbies start with these threads: WIKI (START HERE) (lingo/terminology, definitions, tools you need, etc.) Newbie Helpdesk (newbie questions, challenges and concerns) When you're ready, there is also...
  15. azgold

    'I am rich' app

    Not a chance! Wonder how rich those eight people will feel if they lose their phones. :rofl
  16. azgold

    You’re self

    Hello! You could start by reading the WIKI. That'll give you some good basic information that may help you figure out where you want to start. There are so many options and methods that it's difficult to give you an answer, so I'd suggest doing some reading so you can get a better idea of...
  17. azgold


    Hi, welcome to AffiliateFix! Anytime you need help, just start a thread to let us know. Enjoy the forums. :)
  18. azgold

    I have 4 million leaked emails, how can I use them?

    You can't. Not legally, anyway. Because this: Besides, most of them will end up in spam folders. Those people did not sign up for receiving emails from you. Also, if they're leaked, you probably haven't verified them or cleaned out the bad ones.
  19. azgold

    subscribers on my youtube channel

    I think the obvious answer is to create high quality content about something people are interested in. If you have a unique presentation, even better. Then share your link on social media, maybe put it in your profile, etc. Have you had a look through the Video Marketing forum? Might be...
  20. azgold

    Official AdsBridge

    Woot! Best of luck, @Adsbridge !