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  1. AmNovice

    What's Happening With Native?

    I've noticed that barely anyone on this forum ever posts in the Native section. Why is that? Guessing not many affiliates on here run native campaigns?
  2. AmNovice

    Article Layout & Design

    Hey all, hope you are well! How do you design your article layout? Do you ever do any fancy designs and backgrounds or do you just focus on the copy over a white background and keep it simple? I have detailed copy that's of good quality and now I can't decide if it's necessary for the...
  3. AmNovice

    Best Plugin For Price Fetching?

    Currently setting up a website for amazon associates products and I'm trying to figure out how to fetch prices for the products I'll be promoting. Is there a WP plugin that allows you to fetch real-time prices from Amazon? Furthermore, what's the best way to ensure that currencies are region...
  4. AmNovice

    How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2021

    What a great video. Enjoy, and take notes!
  5. AmNovice

    Is Affiliate Marketing Dead In 2021? (spoiler: it's not :p)

    Came across this very interesting video by Joey (who used to post on this forum btw) check it out. He gives some insightful tips. ps I have no affiliation with him.
  6. AmNovice

    Ubersuggest Experience?

    Tempted to try Neil Patel's Ubersuggest since it's the cheaper alternative compared to SEM rush, however, reading on reddit that people are complaining about it not being an accurate tool. Anyone on here a happy customer of Ubersuggest? Much appreciated!
  7. AmNovice

    Starting My Journey! Steps Till Launch

    Hey everyone I thought I'd share my plan, I thought I would wait to have a site up and running before I start documenting my journey but I thought - you know what, I'll start a follow along anyways and share my list with you on how I'll plan for it all. I have already picked a relatively...
  8. AmNovice

    Content >>> Keyword Placements?

    How important is it to place the keywords you want to rank for in your domain name? Let's use a random example - if you want to rank for the keywords 'custom yoga mats', does registering the domain really help you in the rankings? Is it necessary to even do this at all? I...
  9. AmNovice

    Does An Affiliate Marketing Podcast Exist?

    Would be so handy to be able to listen to a podcast that focuses on AM while you're driving. Does anything like this exist? Thanks!
  10. AmNovice

    Anyone Tried Using AI To Optimize Their Campaigns?

    First off, I hope everyone is well! So, not sure if anyone has heard of using AI for ad optimization but I think it's a relatively new concept for the most part. Essentially, there's a few companies out there that have developed custom AI print tracking that incorporates machine learning to...
  11. AmNovice

    Hyper-optimize Ads Using Custom AI Print Tracking? Is This Legit?

    I just learned that you can optimize your ads with custom AI print tracking scripts. Anyone have any experience doing this? Example: Alex Becker's Hyros company. Is it legit? Just want to say that I'm not interested in buying what he's offering, I just want to see if there's anyone on here that...
  12. AmNovice

    Hosting Question Here!

    Hey all! Doing my research on what the best way to host my landing pages will be! I will be running paid traffic to these LPs. Would anyone recomment a good cloud hosting platform? I know there are many but I am looking into Amazon S3, Liquid Web (not ideal because it's expensive), Bluehost...
  13. AmNovice

    What Is Your Favorite Landing Page Tool?

    Hey all, I'm getting to that stage where I'm going to start picking offers to run and I'll need a good LP tool. Been doing lot's of research but I thought I'd ask some of you what your favorite tools are. Keep in mind that I'm new at this and I want to get something up and running quickly...
  14. AmNovice

    Yahoo Gemini?

    Hey all, just wondering if anyone has had experience running offers on native using Yahoo Gemini. If so, thoughts?
  15. AmNovice

    Question About Media Buying (Native)

    How do ad exchanges like Taboola, Outbrain, etc ensure that your ads will be shown to your targeted audience? If you have your own website, it's easy since you know your audience. But, as an affiliate with no website, how do you ensure that the right audience is targeted for your campaigns? Is...
  16. AmNovice

    Offer Payout

    What is considered a moderate/high payout for offers as it's recommended to look for those when using Native? Thanks all.
  17. AmNovice

    What Kind Of A Website Got You Approved With Different Networks?

    When you register for a network (ex. MaxBounty), lots of them require you to have a website in order to be approved. What sort of website do you guys have if you want to be an affiliate that promotes products/services in many different verticals? If you're a blogger sticking to one niche then...
  18. AmNovice

    Experience With MaxBounty?

    Trying to make an account with MaxBounty as I'm interested in promoting CPA offers. Anyone on here have experience with them? I'm new to AM and I'm in the learning phase but I want to start registering accounts with various networks provided they approve me. Thanks!
  19. AmNovice

    What KPIs Do You Focus On?

    Hey all, if you were to list the top KPIs you track for your campaigns, what would they be? Thanks!
  20. AmNovice

    Spying Manually...

    Hey everyone, how exactly do you go about manually spying using a VPN or proxies? Many thanks!