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  1. James Lane

    Affiliates Wanted Promote A First-to-Market PLR Video Solution

    As an affiliate, PLR Stream is an easy product to sell, is tangible, and the benefits are easily understood by the right buyers. As an affiliate, you can promote a solid product that is not gimmicky or over-hyped, and you can collect recurring commissions every month! The gist of PLR Stream...
  2. James Lane

    Official PLR Stream

    James Lane submitted a new resource: PLR Stream - Unlimited PLR Video Embeds & Streaming For Your Sites & Pages! Read more about this resource...
  3. James Lane

    PLR Stream - PLR Stream

    50% upfront commissions and 30% lifetime unlimited residuals! PLR Stream is the first and only website that allows users to embed videos to their own sites and pages with just simple copy & paste functionality. PLR Stream has over 9,000 quality PLR videos available to immediately embed into...
  4. James Lane

    Hello Everyone

    Well, I just so happen to be looking to add affiliates for my site. I just haven't had time to figure out the where and the how on here yet. Don't want to get the dreaded, shameful title of "Banned" right of the bat.
  5. James Lane

    Hello Everyone

    Agreed!... I guess if I had just relented and paid up and joined that special room, then I probably wouldn't have repeatedly found myself in an echo chamber? Or maybe it's just me hah...
  6. James Lane

    Hello Everyone

    Glad to be here. This looks like a little more lively and responsive place than the other big "forum" that I have been a looonnnngggg-time member of!
  7. James Lane

    Hello Everyone

    I'm Matt, and I am a PLR aficionado, and the creator of PLR Stream! I got started out with PLR and have never strayed from it. I have spent nearly a year developing my own PLR video site. Looking forward to being on here - didn't know this site existed until a fellow internet marketer told me...