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  1. jose1986

    Link Building for Beginners

    This is a really good read. I really want to get to know more about SEO and all that stuff which is why I am glad to have found and joined this informative community. I want to be able to use the Internet to my advantage.
  2. jose1986

    How Do You Feel About Almighty Google Taking Over?

    I'm hoping to see a competitor vying for the number one spot. I mean, for me competition is good because it helps drive innovation (not saying that Google is not innovative). A healthy competition can help even things a bit so that there is no monopoly.
  3. jose1986


    They still are human beings who have the same urges or likings (they may enjoy taking videos of themselves and with others). It's just that they are in the spotlight which makes things more difficult for them. But these days, having such videos is no longer a big deal. Some people have even...
  4. jose1986


    Hi! Thank you for the warm welcome. Happy to stay and contribute to the online community. :)
  5. jose1986


    Hi Iridescent! I am from the city of Makati! Always good to meet a kababayan (fellow countryman) :)
  6. jose1986

    What are you listening to?

    Right now I am listening to It Was Blue by Angus Stone. I have gotten across this song while I was flipping through channels. It was being played at some fashion show on FTV. I like how chill it is. Perfect for rainy days.
  7. jose1986

    Does every business need a blog or website?

    I think all businesses will benefit from having a good blog or website. The blogs can provide information to the public and it is one way to market the brand. Business-owners would greatly benefit if they explore and employ all options and avenues that will provide access to clients and...
  8. jose1986

    Advice for those who want to work online?

    I completely agree with what the guys are saying. You will need to put in a lot of time and effort before you can make money. It is never easy because there is a lot to be learned when you want to work online. There are technicalities that you would have to be familiar with. Just try and keep...
  9. jose1986

    Do you trust "get rich quick" methods?

    I always believe that the things that are of great value cannot be achieved in just a snap. It would be most advantageous to us (in the long run) if we take the time to pursue things and not just expect things to fall on our lap. The idea of getting rich quick may be appealing, but I don't...
  10. jose1986

    Ever bought an Ebook?

    I have never and I would most probably not. All of the information that I need can be retrieved online, anyway. It really is easy to find information that you may require. It is just a quick Google away! I can't say that I have not been tempted though. These copywriters are really good in...
  11. jose1986

    Advice for those who want to work online?

    The best advice I can give when it comes to finding work online is to never pay to get the job. If you are required to pay this and that just so that you can be considered and be given the position, it is most likely a scam. Employers should pay you--not the other way around.
  12. jose1986


    Greetings from the Philippines! Glad to be a member of the site. I wish to learn more about this industry and maybe meet good people along the way. Cheers!
  13. jose1986

    How many twitter followers do you have?

    I have 65 followers and a number of those are random Twitter users. The site is somewhat semi-private for me. I do not link it to Facebook or other social networking sites that I am a member of. It is a place where I just post random stuff that I, otherwise, would not post in Facebook.
  14. jose1986

    Alternative to Facebook and Twitter

    I have heard about Path from a friend. I'm thinking of downloading it to finally understand how it works. Does anyone in here use it?