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    Howdy, Need help reaching parents!

    Hi Linda, I got power last night but no internet at home or in the office...we are working from a "borrowed" home...we set up a temp office until we get internet again. The clean up is very slow...this hurricane covered a huge area...but I can't home or car damage. Just driving...
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    Howdy, Need help reaching parents!

    Hi Russ, I would love to hear more about your IM is sylpbe No phone lines due to Hurricane Wilma...but we should have it by the end of the week...meanwhile...if you could IM me that would be great. Thank you!!!
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    Up to $12 a sale for a $16.95 bombastic product!

    Hi Joe, I would love to run this offer...what's your email? Phone? AIM? my AIM is sylpbe PLease contact me : ) Sylvia B.
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    : ) hello

    Hi everybody, I can't believe we can promote our affiliate program here...made my day!! check us out: ask me about our top offer > my AIM: sylpbe Can I really do this Linda? Thank you! :)
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    Hello from in Ft. Lauderdale, FL!

    Hello there Hi Danay, How are you? Good to see you here : ) I just signed up. :cool: