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    Articles in EZA already..what's next step?

    Hi, I like They approve your article immediately. Bonnie
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    My Business - Subbing out the work

    Hi Todd, I just worked with a freelancer from the Warrior Forum named Mac. He wrote an incredibly detailed article with perfect grammar. It is possible to outsource you're writing but you'll pay a bit more for quality. Bonnie
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    Does Article Submitting Really Work?

    Article Hi, I get a limited amount of traffic from article directories except for All of my clients come from articles I submitted to specific topic sites and social networking sites. I find it is harder to sell a product with article marketing than getting clients...
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    Anatomy Of An Article Submission Project

    Dan, Article marketing campaigns result in permanent links that Google can see at any time. Since most publishers can take three weeks to six months to publish your article the incoming links don't show up in mass. The best way to use article marketing is to submit a couple of articles a...
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    Anatomy Of An Article Submission Project

    How To Get Started Writing and submitting articles to publishers in order to promote your business, services and products is a wise choice for any entrepreneur. The only cost for this kind of marketing project is your time and, if you want the maximum benefits, the amount you pay your...
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    Best article submission sites

    Beware Spammy Sites Remember to check the submission site for PageRank. If it doesn't have PageRank on at least the home page then it isn't worth your time. Bonnie
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    Why Isn't My Article Marketing Making Me Rich?

    What's gone wrong when you put forth your best efforts in submitting your top article to dozens of sites and yet the results are lackluster? You've followed all the generic advice offered by article marketing experts, including writing about a riveting topic, tweaking the catchy headline and...
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    Want more targeted traffic

    Forum Postings & Article Marketing Don't forget that many forums will also allow you to post articles while you're visiting the forum if the article is on topic. Be sure to read the guidelines first. Bonnie
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    Isn't Article Marketing Just one Giant Leak & Energy Suck???

    Value of Article Marketing I made most of my income from doing article submissions for clients but I do them differently than most services. I don't believe you should submit articles to dozens of directories anymore. It isn't worth it. I submit to ten directories with the highest page rank...
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    Deciphering Editorial Guidelines For Article Marketing

    Editorial guidelines, also known as writer's guidelines, are the rules set forth by publishers for contributing authors. In order to have your article taken seriously you must review the guidelines prior to submission. It is also recommended that you review previous editions of the publication...
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    Article Marketing Is Not Dead...If You Know How To Revive It

    Change in life is inevitable, and that includes article marketing. Used by millions, this marketing technique has made money for many, but for others, it just plain hasn't worked. Article marketing must be done responsibly and consistently over time in order to deliver results. It isn't a...
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    Is article marketing working effectively for you?

    Article Marketing Article marketing works for me. I get lots of direct traffic and my search engine rankings improved over time as well. I submit articles on business topics, cooking and spirituality and they all have worked for me. Bonnie
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    what is Articles

    Article Submission If you are asking about article marketing (and I think you are) take a look at the Wikipedia description. I found it helpful. Article marketing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Bonnie
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    Article Marketing (Bum Marketing)

    Article Marketing K, I submit the same article to half of my submission list and then I change the title and some of the text and submit to the other half of my list. It works fine for me and I get thousands of visitors from my articles. Bonnie
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    Two New Affiliate Programs

    I'm managing two affiliate programs right now. One belongs to a favorite client for a product located at (the sign-up link is at the top) and she pays 30% for sales of her organizing e-course. My own program is an e-course too and is available at...
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    Article Marketing Snowballs Into A Mess

    Have you fallen for the article marketing trap? Sending out second rate articles, worrying too much about word count and ignoring all the things that would make your effort more successful? Article marketing has swept through the internet like an avalanche. Virtually everyone knows about...
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    Hi, I'm from Southern California

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and looking forward to participating. I'm a virtual assistant and I manage affiliate programs for my clients and I have my own affiliate program. So, as you can see I'm multi-tasking quite a bit. I want to learn more about promoting and profiting from...