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  1. Dave Hughes

    starting with CPA offers or CPS?

    Need a little more information to properly answer that question. I prefer CPA offers.
  2. Dave Hughes

    Where are you from?

    Long Island, NY originally. Now live in South Florida
  3. Dave Hughes


    Soccer? Welcome anyway :)
  4. Dave Hughes

    [News] Facebook Removing Right Side Ads

    Their objective makes sense...desktop and mobile more I'm sure they will find a way to make this make them even MORE ad revenue which is good for everyone in this forum
  5. Dave Hughes

    Very low open rate?

    Getting back to the original post it is probably a combination of things that combine to lead to poor deliverability and poor views. Bad List Creative that is triggering Spam Filters Bad Reputation of your sending IP/domain As you said you have cleaned your list already I would recommend that...
  6. Dave Hughes

    How To Avoid My Emails To Mark As Spam?

    Run your email through a couple of spam scoring sites. is my favorite Also, check the reputation of your ip at mxtoolbox and sites like and if you arent using a service.
  7. Dave Hughes

    Who Can Post Last

    If a midget and a pig were in a race who would win?
  8. Dave Hughes

    What do you promote?

    Insurance - US & UK make our affiliates the most money!
  9. Dave Hughes

    Count to 2000.

  10. Dave Hughes

    My First Payout with OGAds!

    Always nice to get the first payment!
  11. Dave Hughes

    Crazy CTR no conversions

    Think Bots as well. Can you see the IPs that the clicks came from?
  12. Dave Hughes

    Traffic during weekends vs weekdays

    We have verticals that do much better on the weekend than the weekdays. Many offers (insurance is a prime example) do not allow weekend traffic
  13. Dave Hughes

    Offer Wanted Lead gen for UK

    I have a bunch of UK offers. Please pm me to discuss
  14. Dave Hughes

    a Newbie question on CPA

    Great Suggestion!!!!!!! You will throw your money away otherwise
  15. Dave Hughes

    I want to be CPA marketer

    Perhaps you could share a little more information about how you intend to market. Email, Banner Ads, Social Media. Would make answering that question easier
  16. Dave Hughes

    Question About CPA Marketing

    Use the creatives the Network provides you and make sure that the traffic you send is approved for the offer you are promoting. Sending banner traffic to an email campaign will result in you not getting paid and you account closed.
  17. Dave Hughes

    How To Avoid My Emails To Mark As Spam?

    You should check your IP reputation at mxtoolbox or senderscore and also run the email you plan to send through a site like mail-tester to see if there is anything in your email that sets off a red flag
  18. Dave Hughes

    What do you use to send out emails?

    Gammadyne Mailer works great