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  1. CPMstars

    Selling Traffic Looking for World Wide offers

    @methads Add us on Skype: cpmstars. We have exclusive, high converting CPL campaigns for non US desktop traffic
  2. CPMstars

    How well email submit campaigns work?

    I would like to know what works better for affiliates.
  3. CPMstars


    This is great advice Also besides A/B testing with the Landing Pages I would add that optimizing traffic itself is very important. Getting all the information possible from your partner so you will be able to know what works for the campaign and what is not. For example if you are working with...
  4. CPMstars

    I wanna learn CPA Marketing

    Hello there, Facebook traffic is very good and wanted in CPA marketing. First of all make sure to read everything that there is out there on Facebook Ads. You can create FB campaigns and achieve a pretty low cpc. Pay attention. See what is popular and how it is promoted. Study every text...
  5. CPMstars

    How to increase more traffic for the website?

    You have organic and paid options to increase traffic for a website: Organic: 1.Social Media. Create SM pages and post everyday using #hashtags. Not necessarily your own content but also anything relevant to your niche. 2. Create unique high-quality content on a regular basis. Research what...
  6. CPMstars

    Which is the best site to check traffic of the website?

    If you want to check traffic of your own website Google Analytics of course! You can also try Jetpack if you are using Wordpress but in the end of the day what Google says is what you care about. If you want to see the traffic of other sites even though it is only estimations you can try...
  7. CPMstars

    What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Blog?

    We are loving, generally for online marketing: AffiliateFix is a great source of information Business 2 Community - Top Trends, News & Expert Analysis Blog | John Chow dot Com Jeffbullas's Blog | Internet Marketing Try our blog as well even though we are still new...
  8. CPMstars

    Offer Wanted Need reliable CPA offers about making money online or starting an online business

    Hello Matheus Contact Christiana on Skype: christiana.obm. She will show you our exclusive single opt-in campaigns. S: cpmstars E:
  9. CPMstars

    Affiliates Wanted Exclusive Campaigns

    Hello Everyone, CPM Stars is an innovating ad network managing exclusive as well as direct campaigns open to desktop and mobile traffic. With a proprietary cutting edge algorithm which optimizes traffic in real time publishers can be reassured that not even one impression will go to waste...
  10. CPMstars

    Hi! Let's get acquainted

    Welcome to the family Jen. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Christiana Ioannou
  11. CPMstars

    How To Use The Business Centre

    Very Good Idea Guys. It will attract also a lot of affiliates and advertisers looking to do business and not just looking for advice!
  12. CPMstars

    Converting facebook traffic

    I am wondering something. Why did you send invalid clicks? Maybe you were banned somehow because of this. Also the page is fitness oriented or general? Try to get niche CPA products and promote them on FB through Advertorials or recommended posts. Also, as you have been recommended above, if you...
  13. CPMstars

    How can i monetize Thailand traffic? (5m impressions daily)

    You could make good amounts from your traffic. You could either join a cpm network, sell your traffic in an exchange or RTB or join an affiliate network and monetize your traffic on CPA. This means you will get paid for an action which could be either a sale, or an email submit or registration...
  14. CPMstars

    CPM Stars - CPM Stars

    CpmStars is an Ad Network working closely with Advertisers and Publishers to create tailor-made high-converting campaigns. Its' proprietary cutting-edge algorithm optimizes each impression in real time so each user will get the best converting page for the best campaign at the given time. With...
  15. CPMstars

    Official CPM Stars

    CPMstars submitted a new resource: CPM Stars - Tailor-Made Advertising Campaigns! The right traffic for each Advertiser Read more about this resource...
  16. CPMstars

    how much budget is for testing a cpa offer on native ad network?

    Depending on your starting budget you need at least $200 to test properly, on an average of $0.2 click you will get 1000 clicks which should be enough for you to determine how profitable the campaign can be. You should set your benchmarks (CTRs and eCPAs) from the beginning and keep optimizing...
  17. CPMstars

    The Benefits Of Using Native Ads

    True, with the right content and creative brains behind each campaign, native advertising can be very profitable for different types of products. Even if you buy on CPC but you have a CPA goal we have seen a lot of success with Native placements and we use it more and more for our campaigns. The...
  18. CPMstars

    Good CPA network?

    @huong2234 If you are looking for exclusive campaigns contact CPM Stars! You can contact us at christiana (at)cpmstars (dot) com or on Skype cpmstars to give you an insight on what campaign we can offer you. Alternatively if you want to have a look on what is out there try to check Offervault out!
  19. CPMstars

    My First Experience With Pop Up Ads

    Congratulations for your first steps. Now you can keep re-investing this budget until you reach an optimum amount. You need more data for proper optimization. Contact us on Skype: cpmstars if you ever want to try alternative products.
  20. CPMstars

    What are the best methods to promote CPA offers on facebook?

    As mentioned above, creating fan pages/ communities with interesting content and investing in building a niche following is the best way to do it. You can direct this following to a blog and promote your offers through advertorials there. A lot of our partners are using Facebook to promote our...