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  1. rockstarvipul

    15 tips you need to know about Facebook Ads and PPC

    I have seen people beating Facebook ads 20% text rule. Any words on that?
  2. rockstarvipul

    So I have $800 in my lead impact account.

    Don't run email submits and downloads. Downloads are not allowed and email submits are shit
  3. rockstarvipul

    PPV campaign...lets see if its a winner!

    Avoid email submits. They don't convert really well.
  4. rockstarvipul

    Ruck just dropped Mobi Manifesto 2.

    Amazing content. I have never missed any book from Ruck or Ryan. They are just badass marketers :)
  5. rockstarvipul

    KJ when I visite your site it looks like this!!

    @Kj -> K needs u @K -> kJ needs you. Please send me my referal commission ;)
  6. rockstarvipul

    Newbie Friendly Traffic

    Yes Definitely. Will Strongly recommend LeadImpact to start with.
  7. rockstarvipul

    Your opinion with affliates with a franchise like MTTB or MOBE licensing

    ^Multi Leve Marketing. Like Empower Network.
  8. rockstarvipul

    ppv marketing

    Well I will strongly recommend landers here. CPS offers are must with landers!
  9. rockstarvipul

    PPV vs PPC

    Start with LI. Later scale to trafficvance , 50onred and more
  10. rockstarvipul

    ppv marketing

    More details will be helpful. Too less data to tell anything.
  11. rockstarvipul

    Hello ! New In This Forum :)

    @K : I referred him here..
  12. rockstarvipul

    Optimized CPM with 105% CTR

    Awesome Stats Luke. You're killing it !
  13. rockstarvipul

    High CTR, Low cpc using Google Trends.

    Another great thread Derek. My question is how you figure out that your niche doesn't have a lot of competition ? Weight loss / Diet suplementals got huge competition , + you would need to cloaked landers. Using google trends , what could be the best type of offers you would suggest to promote?
  14. rockstarvipul

    Cloaking - Ask Me Anything Thread.

    Great thread Derek. I have been using Tanner's cloaker. Performing well on Facebook. Though Fb folks are chucking out cloaked accounts. It depends on marketers , how well they manage their Facebook accounts , so that its doesn't look like an ad account or just cloaked one. Check the reference...
  15. rockstarvipul

    Make $10,897.60 Right After Christmas.

    Did u cloak ? These lp's aren't FTC compliant or anyway Bing would approve it like that.
  16. rockstarvipul


    Awesome featured luke. You're just killing it . ;)
  17. rockstarvipul

    Marketing Your Business for Free: Yahoo

    Amazing read.. Now that's a quality one ;) Thanks Also there are many tools available on warriorforum for yahoo answers , you might want to integrate them with your research strategy.
  18. rockstarvipul

    What's the most you've ever earned in a day?

    LikeJack , Commentjack. Jacked Scripts. Damn i have used all of them... Browser extension scripts..
  19. rockstarvipul

    What's the most you've ever earned in a day?

    Chuck app :) 25k$ days :D long lost back :(