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    3 Common Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Email Marketing Strategy

    Right!! You have actually portrayed the major mistakes that people usually do while applying an email marketing strategy. I guess this would help a lot of people to improvise the results they are getting from their current email marketing strategy. People must take care of their database and...
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    Bulk e-mail. Please advise

    I use email marketing services of SARV. It is the best email marketing service provider I have ever come across. It gives the best assistance and its powerful features make it unique and easily accessible. If you are a business owner or any individual who is willing to start email marketing...
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    Best Email marketing options ????

    Yes of course. I would love to help you :) If you are thinking to do email marketing then one thing I must tell you is that you are on the right track. Email marketing is one of the best ways to convey your information to your audience. It's easy, fast and effective as well. To start email...
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    email goes to junk /inbox

    When we do email marketing then we need to keep certain things in mind so that we can maximize the benefit. Since you have just begun then you might not have considered a few things that can make your emails go to spam folder. The major reason that your emails may land in the junk folder is that...
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    Best Bulk Email Sending Solution

    Email marketing is a traditional way to generate revenue. It is utilized by thousands of businesses around the globe. Whether its a big company or a startup. Everyone need to do email marketing to connect with targeted customers and also retention. All we need to have is an email marketing...
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    Which SEO Method nowadays effectively work?

    SEO is very important to do if you want to boost the ranking of your website. It helps us to get traffic organically. Using SEO you can even generate leads and hence grow your business. SEO involves various techniques but the most effection one these days are: Web 2.0 Blog submission, Article...
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    How do you build long-lasting relationships with affiliate partners?

    Show Respect: This is the first and major practice you have to do. You have to respect them and respect their views as well. There is always a better way to change their views instead of disrespect. Advice: You must ask for advice from them which would make them feel special. It would turn out...
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    How to start with Online Marketing?

    SMM (social media marketing)- try to make discount coupon and share on social media try to connect a large number of user on social media share your website information and bookmarks everywhere and groups and also try to regularly post on your facebook page. Off-page optimization - find...
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    natural backlinks

    You have to create them! Use SEO techniques for the same. You can also consult a digital marketing expert for the purpose.
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    First Landing page Made

    Fantastic!! Great job. Its looking really soothing and classy. I think you have made it perfectly for the business type and you may be able to get more and more leads as its much attractive.
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    How much money is required for getting started in affiliate marketing?

    ZERO!!! You can start with zero budget. Learn it by watching you tube videos and you can also get inspired by top affiliate marketers. Google them!
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    how I can create free cpa landing page??

    You can create it on wordpress. Wordpress is really good software I am using since 3 years. It has been my favourite although I used other software too.
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    Can i choose mlm software? for affiliate marketing ?

    Yes maybe! Not sure. Give it a try once and let me know that its possible or not :affiliatefix:
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    Landing Page - Objects Keep Moving Up And Down

    Facing the same issue!!! Check the help option. I am not able to understand. If you rectify it then please share the way to do so. Thank you.
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    Looking for affiliate networks in Argentina

    OK! Even I was about to ask this. Guys please answer this it would be very helpful.
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    Hello everyone

    You can survey and read all the reviews for every affiliate marketing program. Then only you can judge which one is the best and fruitful one.
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    Hello everyone, Time to get started!!

    Welcome back!!! You are finally here. Looking forward to hear more from you.
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    hi everyone!

    Hello. good to see you here!!! Whats up? Are you really doing well? :):):):):):):)
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    Can I use a fake address for making a FB page?

    I think you must not think so because you will not be able to.
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    Looking for Facebook Traffic

    You can contact any marketing agency for the purpose. Notice what they do for some time and then try and implement the ways to create a campaign.