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  1. John Homyk

    Official PayPer Trail [Deleted]

    This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
  2. John Homyk

    Discount PayPerTrail 30% Lifetime Discount

    Hi Julia, currently we are focusing on Native and Display, but there are plenty of great tools available for SEO!
  3. John Homyk

    An Oldie But Newbie!!!

    Welcome @Lola73 !! I look forward to learning more about the course you choose within the performance advertising space, and helping out where I am able!
  4. John Homyk

    Affordable cloaker and tracker

    AdRoots is a pretty affordable and new tool I'd recommend checking out, created by a long time super affiliate. Thrive is great, and also take a peep at AdsBridge. As for cloaking, what traffic source are you looking to cloak?
  5. John Homyk

    Need you help with this issue

    Hey T J! BuiltWith is definitely a great tool for searching for tech on sites, definitely a great starting point and something I use frequently. As of now, we haven't added Propeller Ads to PayPer Trail, but this is something we can definitely get added quite easily. Would love to chat with...
  6. John Homyk

    Hi, I'm Wolves

    Hey @Wolves77 . Welcome to the best affiliate community! What are you currently working on?
  7. John Homyk

    Official PayPer Trail [Deleted]

    John Homyk submitted a new resource: PayPer Trail - #1 Native & Display Spy Tool Read more about this resource...