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  1. drluisbarrios

    50OnRred Is Getting Very Red

    These days the traffic from 50OnRed is turning very, very bad. I think the last inventory they bought is almost "Red Sitexxx", that's why his most recent promo sounds suspicious to me. They must be going through hard times, because his good traffic it is slowly losing quality and I'm not...
  2. drluisbarrios

    The Dark Side Of Affiliate Marketing

    I was reading in facebook group and somebody did a comment about this Voluum is hiring a media buyer I think this is the fear of all affiliates when it comes to buy a self serve tracking software. What do you think? PD: i use Voluum and i like it but is obvious that they will deny everything
  3. drluisbarrios

    →→ New In Voluum? →→ Check This Tutorial

    Hello Fixers, I found this guy and is giving great content. One of his categories is a tutorial for Voluum Tracker. Hope this helps. Regards ;) ►►►►Tutorial ◄◄◄◄
  4. drluisbarrios

    Cj (Commission Junction) + Voluum

    Hello Fixers, Anybody have experience with this relationship? I searched google and many forums but I could not find nothing relevant. Just mention: SID PD: Any representative of Voluum to clarify this, please
  5. drluisbarrios

    Mobile Affiliate Journey ► Flying To $1000/day ◄ Rags To Riches

    Hello Fixers, Has been a hard decision to make this thread, because first of all my first language isn't english, i'm from COLOMBIA, and the public compromise sometimes scary, but f*ck i have selected all excuses and press delete. How i started? After being jumping from side to side...
  6. drluisbarrios

    Mobile Affiliate Marketing Dictionary

    Feel free to add your terms and then i will added later :ninja: ► Mobile Advertising: A form of advertising that is communicated to the consumer/target via a handset. This type of advertising is most commonly seen as a Mobile Web Banner (top of page), Mobile Web Poster (bottom of page...
  7. drluisbarrios

    Mobile Affiliate

    Hello Aff, I'm doing mobile affiliate marketing, i hope to give my experience and learn from you