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  1. calpub

    32,000$ Rvenue in January 2017

    Excellent job, Gadi! We're you using Bing Ads? Thanks. :)
  2. calpub

    Made last month 1400 Bucks (method inside)!

    How many people do you follow per day, per account? Did you start off following only a small amount per day? Thanks!
  3. calpub

    What happened with StatsRemote?

    Yeah, I cancelled my subscription. It's unfortunate but who knows if and when it will ever be back up and running normally again. I'm trying out NiftyStats now. I actually like the UI better but there are a lot of programs missing that I want to track. There's a post on the GPWA forum about...
  4. calpub

    What happened with StatsRemote?

    I was wondering the same thing. Program won't open, no one replies to support and emails come back as mailbox is full. Usually, Neil was very quick to respond to all questions and concerns. I hope he is okay.
  5. calpub

    looking for ppl soi dating offer

    Try Vy Media Group: Vy Media Group - VMG Network
  6. calpub

    MaxBounty 4.5K$ / month with Surveys

    Gadi, I'm interested in this as well. Please send me the link when it's ready. Thanks!
  7. calpub

    Plugrush - Never made a dime with their traffic :(

    I ran some pops on there a couple of years ago with some success but you need to blacklist the garbage sites. So, plan on spending some money to find and filter those out. Once you do that though, the volume really drops and I decided it wasn't worth the time.
  8. calpub

    I thought Voluum had free events?

    They ditched the free plan the beginning of August, I believe.
  9. calpub

    Anybody here use Longtail Pro?

    I didn't like it at all. It always froze up on me and didn't return that many results. What I have been using for a couple of weeks now is Keyword Researcher Pro. LOVE IT! Returns thousands of long-tail results and has never crashed or frozen up once. Keyword Researcher: A Long Tail...
  10. calpub

    Is there any geo redirect script?

    You can use Voluum if you don't mind paying $100 a month. Then you can target by geo and device as well as other options.
  11. calpub

    Networks with milf and cougar international offers?

    Adult Friend Finder has some MILF landers and they accept worldwide traffic. You can also try Cougar Life.
  12. calpub

    Best VPS that Allows Adult and ...

    Yeah, you're definitely going to want managed if you don't have experience with servers.
  13. calpub

    Best VPS that Allows Adult and ...

    Amerinoc is great for adult stuff, has reasonable prices and excellent support.
  14. calpub

    AM paused my Offer? (Dating and Adult Marketing) Make sure you don't use the word "free" or say "no credit card" on you banners or landers.
  15. calpub

    [GUIDE] Bank Off Mobile CPA Offers from FREE Traffic (PART I)

    You can also use Voluum. You can use Instapult to schedule posts on Instagram.
  16. calpub

    7search + peerfly - No conversions (stats)

    Landing pages don't necessarily have to do with collecting emails. They can be used for pre-selling the offer.
  17. calpub

    AdMob Recommended CPC?

    Okay, thank you. I will try raising my bid. I had just read a case study that said they bid 4 cents and used up their daily budget so I didn't want to overbid. I think that case study was from a couple of years ago though. Thanks! :)
  18. calpub

    AdMob Recommended CPC?

    Hi everyone. I started an AdMob campaign on Friday. My banners were approved and my campaign (and banners) are enabled. However, I have yet to see a single impression. I'm starting to wonder if maybe I am bidding too low? I started at 2 cents, raised it to 3 cents, and then raised it to 5...
  19. calpub

    Ask Me Anything Generating conversions from Mobile Traffic

    Read the posts above yours. :)