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    Does anyone make a living from affiliate marketing?

    Hi Do any of you make a living with affiliate marketing or even Amazon affiliate marketing. If so has it taken you a long time and do you need thousands of visitors to visit your site? I ask this question as I'm looking for inspiration to start.
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    Income from Affiliate Marketing

    Hi On average how much do you regularly earn from affiliate marketing and how long have you been doing affiliate marketing? Is it possible to make a living? or do you need many sites with thousands of visitors daily to even earn a modest amount? I appreciate that people may not want to...
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    Questions from a newbie

    Hi I am new to Internet marketing and would like to apologise in advance if my questions sound green, naive or downright stupid. I don't have any marketing, programming or any such great Web skills that I'm sure many of the people on this forum have. I just want to know if it is still possible...