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    The Story of a newbie that turned into a pro in less then 12 months

    I am not new on the 5* Affiliate forum, but it has been a very long time since my last visit. Lot of good things happend to me ever since. And because the Valentine e-mail the Moderator send my, I decided to pass by and post a few words. So here they come: To every struggling marketer...
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    This message has notting to do with affilate programs, but i want all members to read it anyway, Voip is busy with a big campagn. Everybody can CALL FOR FREE NOW Download the program - put your home number in as well as the home number of your contact. Your pc will call you and then...
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    How Can We Check If Our Blog Is In Google

    A few weeks ago i announced my blog to Google, hoping it would appear somewhere. When i use the google search and i put in a always get the message that it is unknown Till late last night i've been looking for a solution in Google Help, but...
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    How can I put a ticker on my blog?

    Hi guys the newbie needs help Agaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiinnnn :( can someone please tell me how i can put a market ticker on my blog. i already found some nice free tickers, if i put them on my pc it works on my screen, but how can i put it into my blog (blogger - new version) thanks a...
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    how to make a sign-up templete.

    Dear friend, my blog is nearly finished now i would like to give away a free book, but people must sign up for it, where can i find correct information for this i haven't got a clue how to insert a pop-up to my blog. Speedy
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    No earnings yet, what am i doing wrong?

    Hallo My name is Speedy and i am from Belgium. Last december i lost my job. Because i am an internetfreak i decided to make a few free website i spend daily over 15 hours searching for information and affiliateprograms. Till now i made O euros or O dollars. What am i doing wrong...