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  1. AffiliateJunkie

    I have arrived

    Thanks for the welcome.
  2. AffiliateJunkie

    I have arrived

    What an amazing time to be alive. I'm happy to be able to participate and enjoy the awesome tools available to me. I hope to learn and share what I've learned. Up to this point, I've made under $600 with one product in 6 months. My next goal is to get to $100 a day.
  3. AffiliateJunkie

    Bing Ads display URL?

    "I am getting this message on my Bing Ads KWs. (from the ellipsis in the browser) Your ad can’t show because you have the same display url as a higher ranked ad.This could happen because you have multiple accounts that are competing with each other or it could be due to competitor action. If...