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  1. Julia Ann

    Confused to choose the right size for photos on Facebook.

    I'm a Facebook user for a long time & using Facebook. My experience with Facebook has been always amazing but now I'm days I'm facing issue to post my images. I do see an image error as image size & I don't understand, How can I fix this issue. Please suggest the way to fix the image size issue.
  2. Julia Ann

    Best Hosting for WordPress

    Just looking to know the best web Hosting for WordPress, which has less issue.
  3. Julia Ann

    Mail goes in Spam folder in Gmail

    It's been over a month that I have been noticing my emails are getting failed and going in the spam folder. I understand Google has updated their policy & if a mail is against Google's policy so it will be in spam but the mail which I'm usually sending are just simple & normal but still they...
  4. Julia Ann

    Do-follow Blog Commenting

    Blog Commenting is good link building practice as most of the link builders follow Blog Commenting to build good quality links but I have noticed most of the Bloggers have added a no-follow attribute for No-follow links. So I'm looking for Do-follow Blog Commenting list.
  5. Julia Ann

    What are the best SEO forums with Do-follow link

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking to know some best SEO forums with Do-follow link. What's SEO forums you Guys use?
  6. Julia Ann

    Instagram notification not sounding

    Just update Instagram with the latest version and lost notification sound. I think the new Instagram update is missing notification sounding. Does this also happen to you?
  7. Julia Ann

    Best Video Software to edit video for YouTube

    Just thinking to make YouTube account but not don't have idea to edit video software to edit for YouTube.
  8. Julia Ann

    Looking for Bulk Email Service

    I'm looking for a Bulk Email Service provider who can provide me Bulk Email Service & I have already used Email Services like SendGrid, Zoho & but I'm not much satisfied with their service. So please suggest me a good company for Bulk Email Service.
  9. Julia Ann

    How to Increase Website Speed?

    I'm looking to now How to Increase Website Speed, As my website is open slow and takes little time to open. So I need to know how can I increase my website speed?
  10. Julia Ann

    Server error (5xx)

    I got a message from Google webmaster tool that there is error of Server error (5xx) I couldn't understand, What's this error and how can I fix this.
  11. Julia Ann

    What is Payment Gateway ?

    Hello, Do you know about Payment Gateway & How to get Payment Gateway ? I need to know all about Payment Gateway so if you have knowledge about Payment Gateway so please share.