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    Is it worth sharing your 4th click for tools? is trying to get some feedback from the affiliate community about our project. A concern or question that keep surfacing are: - Why should I share my 4th click with a 3rd party affiliate tool provider like - Is it worth it? - What other ways can...
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    How to create a proper DataFeed file for affiliate marketing

    Many merchants or AM (affiliate managers) have asked me this question, "How do you create a good DataFeed file?" I have decided to create this thread to answer those questions and help increase datafeed standards awareness. What is a Datafeed file? A datafeed file is an electronic file...
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    Hi my name is Andrew with

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting on this site and I just would like to share my experience... I found this site from a Manager of Performics affiliate network who has told me about an article written by Linda at The article was about our...