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    Screenshots of mobile use?

    Hey I need to compile a guide about something on mobile. I wish to take screenshots of what i am doing, but i would ideally like to do this via my computer. What browser and such like should i use on my computer to act as a mobile etc? I had it at one point, but removed it a while back...
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    So I have $800 in my lead impact account.

    I was trying a few things out with ppv a few months ago under an old mentor (lol) nothing worked. anyway im onto mobile now and ideally i need that money. anyway LI will give it back? if not, how can i spend it quick, just to break even or make a little profit? some one else could...
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    Javascript for 'timer' and 'mobile detect'

    Guys. I post this here as its an advanced trick that CMA told us about. But.. How do we put the timer and mobile detect on our lander like what he did? I tried getting some one on fiverr to tell me or apply it to my lander but was asking for too much...
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    Setting up multiple Landers on one domain?

    How would One do this? Lets say I wish to host various landers on one domain, how would i do it? For example I can re-name the index html to something like index2, but the rest of the files are the same on my hosting accoung, linked to the original index page. Like the scripts, xhtml...
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    Diary of a Mobile n00b (Journey to $200 per day)

    So I am inspired by fellow forummer 'cashmoneyaffiliate' I have always been interested in mobile but after seeing his thread, It has inspired me to really give it a shot. I have been in the IM world for around 6 months now. Already tried a few things, wasted about £5k on all sorts of stuff so...
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    Hi - Newbie Reporting For Action...

    Hi Guys.. I am a newbie.. Or maybe i should say beginner as I have tried many things and constantly failed. And getting bored and depressed with it all, hence why I am here for a boost. I have tried to promote various things with various traffic sources but have had little/no luck or...