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  1. ekhlas

    Hello everyone,

    Hi T J, My area of interest is specially on SEO. However, I would love to discuss anything I know and adsorb any knowledge I am lacking. Other than that I love to read books and surf Internet.
  2. ekhlas

    What is whitehat & blackhat seo ?

    Both White Hat and Black Hat are techniques and strategies used to get higher search rankings. However, Black Hat SEO technique doesn't follow any search engine guidelines and rules. Black Hat SEO includes techniques like keyword stuffing, Blog spamming, etc. That's why White Hat SEO technique...
  3. ekhlas

    How to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Website?

    There are so many ways to drive more traffic to your website. Add a social share plug-in for Facebook in your site and share every new content in Facebook. Make interesting post on different Facebook pages related to your niche. Optimize your Facebook posts. Advertise on Facebook.
  4. ekhlas

    15 Places To Share Your Videos Marketing

    Thanks for sharing this great insightful post. It would be helpful for people trying to share videos or videos marketing. However, I like only video platforms for video marketing like Youtube, Dailymotion, Veoh, etc.
  5. ekhlas

    How to increase more traffic to the website?

    You need to do some Off-page SEO works to increase traffic like Directory submission, Social media marketing, Guest posting, etc. You can also consider buying web traffic.
  6. ekhlas

    Why buying web traffic is important?

    There could be so many reasons to buy web traffic. One reason is like "If you have limited time". Sometimes it takes huge time and effort to drive traffic manually to your website by doing some off-page SEO methods. So, it is easy to buy web traffic for an instant result.
  7. ekhlas

    Best Security Or Antivirus Apps 2016

    First, it is not wise to keep all valuable information in mobile phone without backup. If you lose your phone, you will not be able to get your data back. Second, you didn't mention the OS of Smart phone. If it is android, you can use Kaspersky ANDROID PROTECTION: Internet Security for android...
  8. ekhlas

    which are the best social networking sites for India

    Like other countries Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus, Linkedin etc are famous in India. There are also famous social networking sites in India like Orkut and Bharatstudent.
  9. ekhlas

    What are the On Page Factors

    Some important On-page SEO factors are given below: Sitemap URL Structure Contents Image alt tag Title, description, Keywords Meta tags Header Tag
  10. ekhlas

    The Best CMS

    Magento as it is one of the best e-commerce CMS. It has a high level of customizability, Robust platform and it is very easy to use.
  11. ekhlas

    tool spin article?

    I agree with all above as they said about spinning. Actually spinning article reduces the quality. Manually re-write is the best way to write quality articles for the beginners, even professional writer also manually re-writes article.
  12. ekhlas

    Best Plagiarism Checker Tools

    There are so many online and desktop tools. However, I believe Copyscape is used widely. It is a free online tool and works perfectly.
  13. ekhlas

    which one is your favourite blog platform?

    I prefer Blogger. It has rich features, easy to use and navigate. I also love the template and gadgets available in Blogger.
  14. ekhlas

    Twitter or Facebook

    It is almost like the debate "Which came first: Egg or Chicken?" Facebook and twitter both have significant number of users. They both are popular and effective for website promotion. Though Facebook has the largest number of users, you can not say it is the best to promote a website. So, I...
  15. ekhlas

    What are the latest Off Page Techniques

    The list for off-page techniques always remains the same almost. So, in the latest list of techniques, you will find the same as previous. Here is a list for off-page techniques: 1. Web 2.0 creation 2. Social Networking 3. Blog commenting 4. Guest post / Article submission 5. Content sharing 6...
  16. ekhlas

    Social Networks

    There are a lot of social networks and every network has specific type of users and visitors. So, you can not use a specific network to promote your site. Instead, I use a lot of them like Facebook, twitter, Google plus and many more.
  17. ekhlas

    How to write great Blog content?

    First of all you need to make a study. Read some related blogs. Now learn to write your own blog content. Day by day you have to increase the amount of writing. Here are some notes to be considered. Sometimes a professional writer also feels the lack of idea. So, before you write any unique...
  18. ekhlas

    Which is your favorite social media sites?

    I use a lot of social media site. My favorite is Facebook. Others are Twitter and Google plus.
  19. ekhlas

    Tell us, which is Better YouTube or Vimeo?

    Definitely it is youtube. Youtube has the largest subscriber with 4 billion views per day.
  20. ekhlas

    Why we are using White hat SEO?

    Black Hat SEO technique doesn't follow Google guidelines. So, there is a chance to be penalized by Google or getting your website banned. People use Black Hat SEO techniques for instant result but in the end they have to pay greater price. So, we all use White Hat SEO only.