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  1. Ciaba

    URL of landing pages for paid traffic

    Hello, i'm trying to organize my first CPA campaign. I have no website, i want to create only landing pages. I think in the beginning i will use Facebook ads to drive traffic. I have a doubt: the URL of the landing page (for paid traffic) does matter? I mean, a url of the landing page like...
  2. Ciaba

    Ask Me Anything Ok so...I got a crazy success - had to share with you guys!

    Impressive results, you're an inspiration! Can I ask you how much time did you put in this journey? Do you think it's possible to achieve results like yours having a 9-5 job (like me)? 2-3 hours a day it's enough for a newbie in affiliate marketing?
  3. Ciaba

    Gold As a Newbie, What Stops You From Getting Started

    Hello, i'm a newbie in affiliate marketing. I'm doing my homework to learn the more as i can, paying attention to avoid paralysis by analysis. I made a deadline, within two months by now i will surely start my journey. I have no fear of loss and I have no particular matters of money to invest...
  4. Ciaba

    Hello from Italy

    Hello everybody, i'm very happy to be here! I work as Web marketing manager (full-time employee), my goal (very pretentious, i know) is to create multiple streams of income, mainly through the internet, in order to regain my freedom (no more bosses, no more 9-5 work). I'm a newbie in affiliate...