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  1. AndiS

    Best network for app installs?

    @DCypher Media we can offer you our direct CPI campaign in the GEOs LATAM, US, UK, DE, FR, ES and JP!
  2. AndiS

    Network Wanted Looking for CPA network with desktop CPI offers

    Hello Merrik, we have a couple of Desktop CPI Campaigns (browser extensions) in those countries plus BR/IN/ID/TH and more... Let us know if you are interested by registering to our network (see details in the email signature)..
  3. AndiS

    Looking for smartlinks to monetize my traffic

    Hello Dag, Pleased to meet you! Have you every tried DCypher Media's SMARTLINKS? We have great results (eCPMs) in LATAM + SEA region if you have traffic there. For more details, please contact Cristina (our AM) on Skype (live:cristina.firtade.dcm) or sign-up by using the link in the...
  4. AndiS

    CPI Smart Link Network

    Hello Appsmarket, Have you ever tried DCypher Media's SMARTLINKS? We have amazing results on both 3G and Wifi traffic especially in LATAM and South East Asia if you have traffic there.. Please contact our AM Cristina on Skype (live:cristina.firtade.dcm) for more details or subscribe by using...
  5. AndiS

    Network Wanted Need tons of incentive CPI Offers networks for our new app

    Hi Peter, Nice to meet you and congrats about your app! We (DCypher Media) have a lot of INCENT CPI campaigns if you are interested. Please sign up here in order to create an account: DCypher Media - Publisher Portal Looking forward to your reply!
  6. AndiS

    Looking CPI Affiliate network

    Hello Did you ever try DCypher Media? We're a Dutch digital advertising agency with offices in the Netherlands & Romania. If you have mobile or desktop traffic and you are looking to monetise it, let me inform you how we can help you: - 1000+ Direct CPI/CPA campaigns (all verticals and...
  7. AndiS

    Cpl adult offers

    Hi Briana Hill, The Dutch based DCypher Media is working with the major adult offers providers WW on CPL basis. Just let us know what you need and we'll provide it :)! Looking forward for your feedback or registration: DCypher Media - Publisher Registration !
  8. AndiS

    Smartlink CPI networks???

    Hello daviddo32123, Did you ever try the Dutch company DCypher Media? We have more then 500 CPI campaigns and CPI SMARTLINKS available and flexible payment terms! Looking forward to your registration: DCypher Media - Publisher Registration :)!
  9. AndiS

    Looking for incentive CPI offers with high payout.

    I tried to register in your network but can't because it shows error i add you to skype please fix this Hello Hamdi, please add our affiliate manager Cristina on Skype (cristina.firtade1), she will support you with the registration!
  10. AndiS

    Affiliate Network

    Mobile CPI: Appthis, Minimob, Clicksmob & DCypher Media :)
  11. AndiS

    My 2 Months earning

    congratulations! job well done....
  12. AndiS

    Buying Traffic Looking for RTB, DSP, SSP Platforms on CPI Models

    Hello Amy Wu, Yeah you can try Appnext and Appthis, they are SSP's that work on CPI model. Good luck!
  13. AndiS

    Offer Wanted Looking for CPI offers (Android & IOS)

    Hello IndeXer, First of all welcome back to the game :)! and good luck! We ( can certainly help you with 500+ android and iOS CPI campaigns (world-wide). Please add me on Skype (andi_sava) to discuss more details...
  14. AndiS

    which network allowed chat traffic

    Hello Asif Zubair, We can definitely help you monetise your mobile traffic with our smartlinks. Just sign up here, get your link, send traffic and start making money :)
  15. AndiS

    Looking for incentive CPI offers with high payout.

    Hello farmads, Have you ever tried DCypher Media ( We have WW incent CPI campaigns (android & iOS) with payouts between $0.30 and $1.00.
  16. AndiS

    Best Networks for Incent traffic

    Hi Iren_roi, Here at DCypher Media, we have loads of CPI AND CPA offers which allow incent traffic! Just sign-up, apply, retrieve you tracking links and start earning $$$..
  17. AndiS

    Which is best CPI Network? Please help

    Hello affbro, Did you ever look at the Dutch company DCypher Media? I would definitely recommend it as we have loads on incent CPI/CPA campaigns with large budgets and no daily caps!
  18. AndiS

    Need mobile content offers

    Hello college, Here at DCypher Media we have loads of CPA campaigns (mobile content) both for Mainstream and Adult. So join now (, and let us know which campaigns you want to run! Looking forward to your application...
  19. AndiS

    network allow rebroking traffic ??

    Hello salah00, We allow rebrokering various CPI campaigns, so lets get started :)! Sign-up:
  20. AndiS

    Mobile affiliate networks

    Why don't you try DCypher Media ( We don't have any restrictions on that and can offer you over 1000+ CPI/CPA campaigns!