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    Official Direct Affiliate

    Hey there, affiliates! How's it going? We've got some amazing news to share with you. One of our awesome affiliates has generously offered to share a case study with us, and we couldn't be more thrilled to present it to you. The offer in question is called Snap-On Smile, and it's a...
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    Official Direct Affiliate

    Hey everyone, we have some exciting news to share with you all! Introducing our latest offers that will make your day! If you're looking for the resurgence of nutra offers, check out our amazing weight loss products: Diaetoxil - DE/AT/CH CardioBalance - IT K2 - DE/AT/CH Prima - DE/AT/CH/LU...
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    a way to get my first 1000 subscribers on my youtube channel

    A lot has been said on creating quality content from the rest. But don't forget to follow the algorithm as well, it may help to reach audiences who are out of your target group
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    Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

    *Spoiler free We've gotten mixed reviews from our team as well. But the negatives typically come in the form of the standard problems that sequels have. Amongst others it seems one of the more jarring issues are the character introductions that could probably have done better in their own...
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    Official Top 7 ways to optimize marketing activities with chatGPT

    From an affiliate standpoint, translation would be one of safest and easiest way in terms of penetration into AI. Noted that at this time, it seems full fledged landers still have some hiccups. But at least in terms of teaser creatives/captions ChatGpt seems like a interesting choice. You...
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    Official Direct Affiliate

    Flowers and chocolates aren't the only offers you can use this valentines! Check out the latest offers for the month of February - Slimming - Figulax Liquid Diet - DE/AT/CH Power Shape - DE/AT/CH Prima - DE/AT/CH/LU FIGUR - DE/AT/CH - Cryto - The Crypto Genius - PT Bitcoin Bank - FR...
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    Official Direct Affiliate

    Its all about speed, we gotta move faster and with that comes the launch of our new Telegram channel! Keep an eye out for regular updates on our latest offers, fascinating programs, and more. Participate in the discussions, and leave comments! Join our telegram channel here: Direct Affiliate...
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    Official Direct Affiliate

    Hey everyone, welcome to the new year of 2023, where legends await. Direct Affiliate is proud to present our latest event for affiliates new and old. Earn points with every approved lead and place yourself into our tiering system to receive a permanent payout multiplier applicable for all...
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    Network Wanted looking for a network that pays weekly!

    Hey @your_karan , what are the main verticals you are working on? We have offers for nutra, crypto, ecommerce and more in geos like those you mentioned US/UK/CA. We pay twice weekly on Mondays & Thursdays. If that's something you're interested in, hit us up!
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    How important is it to use the products you promote?

    Hey, in terms of usage, certainly. Having used the particular product before, you are rightfully better able to persuade your target audience on the pros and cons of the advertised product. But with that being said, it also has to come across as somewhat organic and not 'paid' or sponsored...
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    Seeking Help Beginner needs help is another free stock image library where you can get royalty free images. As for getting better creatives, you can take a look at what your competitors are doing. Facebook/meta ads library shows the creatives that are done by your competitors. But its best to be granular in your...
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    Tik Tok content

    Hey, tiktok is indeed a journey through a slippery slide for a lot of us. Much like Instagram's algorithm, one method to view the top trendy videos is to start liking those tiktok videos. This will make the algorithm serve you similar feeds and in all likelihood, you should be able to identify...
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    Looking forward to learning from you all

    Just to add on what the rest have mentioned about trackers. Some trackers already have integrations with traffic sources and networks alike, which will make things easier on setting up your tracker. Postback tracking for instance can differ between network to network as each network uses a...
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    Looking forward to learning from you all

    Hey, are there any topics in particular you would like to understand and learn more on?
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    Direct Affiliate

    Direct Affiliate - we operate mainly in Europe, and thanks to a 6 years of uninterrupted growth, with an internal, multilanguage call-center and in-house setup for 25+ verticals in the CoD (cash on delivery)/CPA model, we can build offers characterized by low-to-moderate risk and decent payouts...
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    Official Direct Affiliate

    DirectAffiliateNetwork submitted a new resource: Direct Affiliate - Your Traffic Your Profit Read more about this resource...