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  1. Mohamed Aouayna

    How do you optimise your campaigns?

    I highly recommend this API for you: 1), they can detect Non-residential IPS, proxies and VPNs... Just find a developer to integrate this solution for you... 2) Check ISP and Operator... 3) Additionally to that create an interactive Landing page, and based on the user interaction...
  2. Mohamed Aouayna

    Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting: What’s Your Best Option?

    This business is based on longevity, especially if you are a webmaster and you are doing SEO... I prefer buying Powerful VPS(Yearly plan), so I can work in my SEO Websites, and I can exploit it to host my affiliate landing pages...
  3. Mohamed Aouayna

    What should do for best SEO on website in 2020?

    1) Good Keyword Research (Try to avoid big brand websites as much as possible) Focus on keywords that require low Domain Authority. 2) Focus on UX&Content Quality (Optimize for Google RankBrain), the more the visitors like your website the more Google will send traffic to you... If you did...
  4. Mohamed Aouayna

    Automation Tools

    I recommend to you 3 bots making software, each one has his strengths and weaknesses: 1) Do It Again. (The Easiest One) I recommend it if you have a repetitive task like send in emails..., but you can't handle variables using it... 2) Autohotkey(A Language Of Automation) + Autoscript Writer...
  5. Mohamed Aouayna

    How to create sub-domains using PHP ?

    Like she told your, you have to create a wildcard domain through CPANEL it's quite easy... Then ask your Web Developer To Create A Router File than can detect subdomain from your current request link... Then compare it to the allowed domains that you defined through your Interface if it's...
  6. Mohamed Aouayna

    Someone Mirror My websites, Please Help.

    Block HTTP_REFERERS using .Htaccess and allow only our website, Like that assets files like {JS, JPG, PNG} will work only for your website... So the frontend will be useless for him even if he has the HTML Output... Because my profile is still new I can't share links, just go to google and...
  7. Mohamed Aouayna

    +20k$ budget & Web Developping, need suggestions ?!

    Hello everyone, I'm a newbie on that forum my name is med ^^, I am 21 years old. I started my career as a web developer since 2012 and I learned multiple programming languages... What I'm looking for right now is to move my career to the next level and this why I registered on that forum, to...