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    [Guide + Case Study]: How to start with Shopify & E-Commerce

    gotcha, this seems like the way most people do it, ive seen some run view content without any engagement but the way you do it seems like that is how most do it. I'm guessing some campaigns don't have great engagement so it's not worth continuing to run them For the View Content you just...
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    [Guide + Case Study]: How to start with Shopify & E-Commerce

    WC Campaign? So you run Engagement Campaigns first > View Content after it has say 500 likes or something > then after 200-300 view content > Purchase that what you mean? Or do you just run view content campaigns until 200-300 view contents > purchase Im just trying to see how it's...
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    [Guide + Case Study]: How to start with Shopify & E-Commerce

    What about view content campaigns, do you just see what audience engaged in your engagement campaign the most and target those or let FB create an audience for you? I sent you a PM too about the count down timer. Thanks in advance!
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    [Guide + Case Study]: How to start with Shopify & E-Commerce

    You said you run different campaigns with different age etc but what about the ad sets inside the campaigns? Do you run 1 campaign > 3 adsets and those 3 ad sets are all different ages with the same interests?
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    Why you have to go for mobile this year?

    yeah i agree, it's why i've been moving away from ad networks with SDK's that pay eCPM and moving more towards CPA, I'd rather get paid for a lead then make next to nothing for thousands of clicks, a lot of ad networks are dealing with fraud on a large scale and it ends up hurting legitimate...
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    CPM or CPA or..? Which do you preffer

    depends what industry, with apps, CPA. CPM use to be good until spammers started to bot every ad network possible so now most pay really low CPM and you make next to nothing for pretty large volume
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    Ask Me Anything why so many BOT traffic?

    blame the Chinese and Indians, they're botting ad networks like no tomorrow - around $10Bn a year is bot/fraud traffic, they're ruining the industry for the legitimate developers and advertisers
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    Tired of Affiliate Marketing

    ive been an affiliate / app dev for about 10 years now, it's fun and all, the money is good but i dont want to be doing it super long term thats for sure, maybe another 10 years and I'll be out of the industry, it seems every year that goes by things degrade more and more, offers pay less...
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    Why you have to go for mobile this year?

    CPA Networks need to make SDKs for app developers. App Developers all over are being taken to the cleaners, Almost every mobile SDK Ad network is completely screwing over app developers by giving them basically less then a penny per click. Then those same networks charge 3-10cents or more for...
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    zeropark is not good?

    you guys pay out daily? whats the daily min? that makes life 1000x easier and a lot easier to scale campaigns
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    Minimum $$$ to enter the business?

    make some apps, try HTML5 games build those app to 50-100 a day (fairly easy) then use that $$ for PPC ????? profit 1000% ROI and you aren't spending a dime as app money is 100% profit to begin with
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    Where to sell a website that makes $4,000/month?

    what kind of site and how much are you asking? you could try flippa
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    cpagrip earn yesterday

    i think these stats are fake says 0.26 epc not $1
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    $100 a day with Adult CPM, am I crazy?

    if it's an app - upload it to 3rd party app stores. Adult is an easy niche in mobile. I do very well with it via apps ...37k visits a day isn't unrealistic at all.
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    Ask Me Anything Generating conversions from Mobile Traffic

    why cloak CPI / mobile offers? it's easy enough to run them raw as most people on mobile will download / join pretty much anything if the offer page is simple enough
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    A comeback after a drastic fail. (mini-bio + tips from a savvy)

    I was in a similar position as you, luckily my income didn't drop like a rock but I was doing a bit more volume then OP with apps a few years ago, like he said when you're making 50k+ cash a month your brain goes into a certain "mode" i think part of the problem comes from sudden wealth...
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    Ask Me Anything Full-Time Super Affiliate (Money, Cars, Women, Booze) - Ask me anything :)

    Great thread Nick and even better advice. You kind of helped me realize there is good money still on desktop. I was a super affiliate years ago with desktop PPC similar to you but traded those days in for mobile apps. I did great with apps but these last few months I've had an itch to run...
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    India mobile offers

    thanks! im actually trying you guys right now ..conversions are OK but i was converting a lot better on another network i ran before until the offer expired. It would be cool if you guys could optimize my smart link for IN traffic
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    India mobile offers

    yeah i can deal with 0.10+ ...most of the offers ive tried pay way lower though like 0.01-0.05
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    OGads banned my account with balance of $1300+ (Resolved - Affiliate Fraud - OGAds Provided Proof)

    this thread is just more reason why i stopped running CPI as an app developer and media buyer's sad how many CPI advertisers cry over conversions, they pay pathetically low too then they cry the user didn't keep the app installed for 2 weeks the advertiser here probably has retarded KPI...