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  1. thelegend

    Affiliate networks not paying

    Well working with clickbank for many years i dont have a single problem with any payment .I dont know about other networks as i cannot tell you for sure
  2. thelegend

    Official Your Email Marketing Headlines

    Thanks for the advices and its so amazing how just a small detail like this can make you succesful or break you .and yea puting the name of your subscriber count a lot I remember when i receive a name with my name i feel some sort of emotion to open that email Its part of psichology when...
  3. thelegend

    Do you think SEO may cease to exist?

    Well the internet its build for websites and it has bilions of sites so not att all in the near future . also i dont think google will allow AI to take place over seo as they make bilions with it
  4. thelegend

    It's good to put multiple domains to one web hosting?

    I dont think you will have any problem by running all your domains on a single host Just make sure that your host has enough capacity to sustain all data from your websites
  5. thelegend


    Well thats the thing with online marketing if it was easy to make money then people will leave their hard and stresful real job and come to work here Unforrunately it takes a lot ot time ,patience consistency ,hard work amd never give up to see some succes
  6. thelegend

    Will a review site work for you?

    Well i dont trust review sites as majority of them write it in a positive way just for the sake to get the comision .I prefer youtube videos where people show insights of the product and i think its a way more smart decision to buy
  7. thelegend

    3 Content Strategies That Have Been Generating Sales Easily

    Well i find the 3 point the best as i made almost all my money on youtube by creating review products
  8. thelegend

    My YouTube videos don't get any views. Please help.

    Well yt acts very strange and me i have the same problem .People get milions of views and mine barely gets 100 views even if i have quality videos .I dont know what i am mising
  9. thelegend

    SEO Factors

    Well think that sites are build for people so i think quality content its one of the main factor in seo
  10. thelegend

    Are you succeeding? Why or why not?

    Well for me its in this way I have period where i think the sky its mine and i will get great suces then the succes it stops and i get stuck ,after some black period then succes come again then i go down again and so on I think its a subconstient limiting beliefs that stop me to succed The...
  11. thelegend

    Question regarding Quora strategy, plz help :)

    Well quora its a good traffic source but if you think quora mods will accept links in all of your posts you are very wrong my friend They will delete your account or they will block all your answers Your luck maybe to get a lot of views and have your link in bio but i find it hard for people...
  12. thelegend

    US could ban TikTok

    Well i dont have a problem with them making money just that some of them act like beying on a porn site .Hey ladies its a social media network .Go and register to a porn site where your place belong
  13. thelegend

    Have a small list of MMO but no progress

    Well 10k its not something fixed its just an estimation with aproximation You can also make money with 1k list but you need a very good relationship with your list
  14. thelegend

    US could ban TikTok

    Well for me its not a big deal as i am tired of easy ladies who do onlyfans and they only show their ass and boobs on the platform for promotions and they are not a model for young generations
  15. thelegend

    Every robot needs a brain

    Well people should be careful with robots developing ,soon they will be able to think by themself and it will be exactly like in the movie terminator
  16. thelegend

    Online Reviews Matter

    well its fact because my best online income come from product reviews keywords
  17. thelegend

    TikTok Audience Insights

    Thats way i think facebook its a way more better way to get sales than tiktok because of the audience
  18. thelegend

    Instagram Method for beginner (Up to 20 Dollar per day)

    Thanks for sharing this with us and i think its all about gtowing your account .If you grow your audience to a decent number you will make sales
  19. thelegend

    What are you listening to right now??!

    Sublimal for programing my subconstient mind in a positive way
  20. thelegend

    Hello...!!! New bee here with a goal on a journey

    Welcome in here and nice to have you in here .Bye the way ,what type of business do you want to learn ?