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    Official RingPartner [Deleted]

    This resource has been removed and is no longer available.
  2. RingPartnerNetwork

    Pay Per Call Affiliate Network Recommendation Required

    Hi Syed! Come give us a look if you're still searching for a network to call home. You can apply here - RingPartner Publisher Application Best of luck and hope to hear from you!
  3. RingPartnerNetwork

    Key Characteristics for a CPA Network

    Hello Everyone! We are RingPartner - Affiliate Network who began in the pay-per-call space over a decade ago. We have recently branched into the CPA space as well and are looking to hear from you, our publisher base, about what the most important features a CPA network can have/do to both...
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    Amateur Online Marketer

    Welcome to the group!
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    Selling Traffic Easy Pitch for Building Affiliate B2B Relationships - RingPartner Tips

    When strangers express organic interest in your company, it can make the interactions much more natural. But what can you do when customers are not coming to you? Lead Generation is the marketing technique of attracting hopeful prospects and potential consumers and turning them into leads. This...
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    Official The ABC's of CPA (Beginner Term Guide)

    Getting started with CPA can be confusing. There are a lot of terms to know and remember that are commonly referred to in the industry, and a plethora of metrics to track. But don’t fret! We’ve compiled some of the most commonly referred to terms you’ll need to help you get started in CPA. CPA...
  7. RingPartnerNetwork

    The In's and Out's of Performance Marketing

    Performance marketing offers a win-win marketing opportunity for both businesses and affiliates (or “publishers)” to target specific audiences and campaigns in a strategic, results driven, way. There are opportunities for both parties to receive a high return on investment, so it’s no surprise...
  8. RingPartnerNetwork

    Starting PayPerCall Campaign

    Hey Indexer, We're another PPC affiliate network, although I'm sure the name gave it away ;). Regarding your ideas for selecting a campaign, a typical approach to affiliate marketing is to find a niche for yourself and really get familiar with that landscape. From there once you're...
  9. RingPartnerNetwork

    Ask Me Anything 3 Tips to Monetize Your Blog

    Intro So you’ve started a new blog -- but now what? Affiliate marketing makes it easier than ever to monetize your traffic. Here are 3 easy steps to start making money through your new blog. Keyword research Find out what people are searching for, and create content that caters to their...
  10. RingPartnerNetwork

    Hello to the community from a beginner

    Welcome Igor! Once you've done some learning and got some traffic of your own come check us out. We're always looking for new partners to work with. :)
  11. RingPartnerNetwork

    How did you find us?

    Found on google when I was doing a generic search for affiliate forums!
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    If you're looking to sell CPA leads come check us out! Otherwise good luck with your learning, remember to learn from the journey, not just the outcome :) - W
  13. RingPartnerNetwork

    New to Affiliate

    Welcome to the forum Samson! If you're ever looking for a place to sell pay-per-call, form, or CPA traffic please give us a look. Otherwise, best luck starting out, youve found a great community that will help you along your journey.
  14. RingPartnerNetwork

    COVID-19's Impact on PPC Trends

    I think this pretty much hits the nail on the head. Limited access to cleaning services (due to lock down) has likely seen more people trying bio-hazard companies for similar services. I'd be curious to know what the prices for some of these services are like as I assume they'd be exponentially...
  15. RingPartnerNetwork

    RingPartner - Your New Lead Form Buyer

    Hi all, RingPartner has recently branched into the lead form scene and we'd like to hear from YOU! What do you look for in a lead form network? What are the most important things we can provide to our affiliates? Thanks for your time and hope you have a great day! :)
  16. RingPartnerNetwork

    Anyone Still Running Pay Per Call

    We still deal primarily in pay per call however, as others have noted above, the landscape has shifted significantly. Some of the more recent google changes have caused a significant decline in effective paid search techniques for PPC. That being said, SEO and Social are still strong reliable...
  17. RingPartnerNetwork

    COVID-19's Impact on PPC Trends

    Hi all, RingPartner recently conducted a case study on how COVID-19 has impacted the pay-per-call landscape and some of the results are pretty surprising! What we found: Internet Serivce providers call volume increased by 186% Cable TV calls are up 98% Biohazard Cleanup calls are up 206%...
  18. RingPartnerNetwork

    Offer Wanted Pay per call offers needed

    Hi @Khanh Nguyen We have offers in all of those verticals aside from tech support! Please visit our website and shoot us an application, we're always looking for more PPC traffic.
  19. RingPartnerNetwork

    Official RingPartner [Deleted]

    RingPartner makes it easier than ever to earn $$$ - simply drive traffic and get paid on time, every time, for the qualified leads you generate. We offer a variety of campaign types, including: Calls Data Leads CPA Legal, Home Services, Appliance Repair, Auto Insurance, and +100s of...
  20. RingPartnerNetwork

    Official RingPartner [Deleted]

    RingPartnerNetwork submitted a new resource: RingPartner - More Calls, Better Calls Read more about this resource...