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  1. TheExplorer

    About Push Notifications

    We have many official push network's representative here on the forum... I wonder why none of them find this discussion interesting.
  2. TheExplorer

    About Push Notifications

    I believe the OP is asking why he need to upload two different size of images with the same ad network. As per my understanding the smaller image is shown as notification thumbnail along with the title, and bigger image is displayed as notification body.
  3. TheExplorer


    Hello @Vlad_13 Welcome to AffiliateFix... looking forward for your case studies.
  4. TheExplorer

    Clickbank - Account temporarily suspended from payment

    Have you received any payments in past from them with the same bank details? If so then I don't think there is any issue with your bank details. Also do you see lots of charge back/refunds for the products are you promoting? If so then it is a big worry and CB might also refuse to pay your...
  5. TheExplorer

    How does ad spy software work

    You are almost there... plus I would also add browser emulation behavior to my crawlers. But while it looks very easy at least in the theory, I think it would take lots of resources and money to build something which can be really sold as SAS.
  6. TheExplorer

    Hello From India

    Hey every one, I'm Jani from India. I'm a full time affiliate marketer, php/python developer and an entrepreneur. I am the owner and developer of BlogFactory.Cx (currently closed for new members), a full fledged web app for creating and managing splog networks. I have rich experience in...