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  1. tompots

    Hello, Im new here

    Very cool to have other like minded individuals here. What is your preferred tools & languages? I prefer C# + Selenium
  2. tompots

    Hello, I am Festinger and I am new here

    Hello and welcome to affiliatefix. I'm new as well don't feel alone.
  3. tompots

    Hello, Im new here

    Hello, I make bots for social media, and automate any mundane tasks that comes along with online marketing. Hello, I automate online tasks, like form filling, account making ect.. Yes it absoultly is very fluid indeed. I Started out in 2010 with absolutely no experience making money online...
  4. tompots

    Hello, Im new here

    Hello everyone I just wanted to introduce myself. I.m an online marketer and automation software developer. I've been in and out of the industry since 2010. I'm here to find out all the new and improved methods, and share my knowledge as well. Thanks for having me.