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  1. Yassine11

    Facebook ad account disabled

    Hello guys , Hope you are doing well ! I am trying to run some sweepstakes offers on facebook ads, I know facebook is strict with this kind of advertising but I found it is profitable and found some good offers but the problem is that facebook is always disabling my ad accounts I want to...
  2. Yassine11

    credit or debit card suppliers for facebook ads

    Hello guys I am living in Tunisia here I have just payoneer my ad account was disabled , I created a new one but I am looking for credit cards suggestions from where I can buy a credit card to pay facebook. Thanks.
  3. Yassine11

    Need Help with Bemob tracker

    Hello , sorry for my bad english. I send traffic from popads to my maxbounty offer when i open bemob i just see how many views got my landing page with 0 clicks on the dashboard but i see that i received clicks on Maxbounty dashboard. can anyone help me with the correct setting of bemob ?
  4. Yassine11

    What is the best vps provider ?

    hi, can you please tell me the best vps provider to run my instagram bot on ? thanks.
  5. Yassine11

    Need help Pinterst Traffic

    Hi all, How can I grow my pinterst account and get traffic thanks.
  6. Yassine11

    YouTube and CPA

    Hi everyone, how can I promote cpa offers with youtube ? and how can I create beautiful videos is there tools ? Thanks.
  7. Yassine11

    instagram traffic

    Hi everyone, is there tools or methods to get targeted followers on instagram?
  8. Yassine11

    Native ads

    Hi everyone, I'm new in this group and I want to ask about native ads what are Best traffic sources and niches with this category of traffic ?