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  1. samueyh

    Seeking Help Any discount coupon?

    Hello there, I would like to know if you know of any ultra mega discount coupons to purchase domains. :D Thanks guys
  2. samueyh

    Ask Me Anything Case Study: 2479$ on Dating Smartlink from TikTok

    More than 1 year has passed since this post was created. Any update about that?
  3. samueyh

    Case Study TikTok test that made it ✊ - ROI 30%

    Without a doubt, I will save the post to read it and study it calmly.
  4. samueyh

    Use cryptocurrency as a form of payment

    Of course. Only with reliable people.
  5. samueyh

    Judge My Landing Page :)

    Error 400 when i click in "get my bonus".
  6. samueyh

    Nice to meet you all

    Nice to meet you too! :D
  7. samueyh

    I am from Austria

    Welcome! Im new here too :cool:
  8. samueyh

    If you are not using TikTok Ads, you are missing out!

    I was just reading that on another forum. I think it can give good results.